Anupama Full Episode: Will Anupama go to India?

Anupama Full Episode: Will Anupama go to India?


Anupama Full Episode: Rupali Ganguly’s serial Anupama is seen in every house today. The TRP of the serial is highest than any other show. It will be shown in the show that Anupama tells the judges that no matter how difficult the competition is, she has come to win the show. Many types of questions are asked to her in the audition and she answers them all. Meanwhile, Vanraj tells Pakhi that her ticket has been booked and she will have to go to India. However, Pakhi refuses to kill Bharat.

Anupama gave audition
In tonight’s episode of Anupama, it will be shown that Vikram asks Anupama about the audition. She says they will get a call from the judges. Anupama is very happy and she tells the auditionee Vikram that she wants to celebrate this moment. Meanwhile, Vanraj insists on Pakhi to go to India, but she refuses. Vanraj explains to her, but she does not understand. Pakhi does not listen to anyone, neither Vanraj nor Baa. Anuj is writing a letter for Anupama on his laptop. Shruti asks him for money to buy vegetables.

Anupama got a call
Shruti becomes very sad after seeing Anupama-Anuj’s family photo in his wallet. Meanwhile, the next day Anuj and Shruti are going somewhere by car. Then the pallu of Anupama’s saree gets stuck in the car. Shruti gets down from the car and asks Anupama for lift. Although she refuses, but on Shruti’s insistence she agrees. Shruti asks him that if the Masala and Chutney restaurant is closing, will he have to go back to India. Anupama is in the car when she gets a call from someone. Anupama tells them that she has been selected. Anuj becomes very happy hearing this and praises her food.

Anupama Full Episode: Anupama put this condition before signing the papers, Vanraj got furious after hearing Anu’s words.


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