Anupama put a condition before signing

Anupama put a condition before signing


Anupama Full Episode: Star Plus’s popular serial Anupama is at number one in the TRP list this week too, leaving everyone behind. It is being shown in the serial that first Vanraj and Ba went to America. After that the entire family including Dimpy, Kavya came to America. At the same time, Anuj has withdrawn the case registered against Toshu. On the other hand, love for Anupama has awakened in Yashdeep’s mind. He says this in front of his mother. Beeji prays to God that she gets what she wants.

Vanraj got angry on this statement of Anupama.
In tonight’s episode of Anupama, it will be shown that Vanraj asks Anupama to sign the papers of Shah House. Vanraj tells him that he has no share in this house. However Babuji says that he will sell the house and give his share of it. Vanraj does not agree with this. He says that Anupama is Anuj’s wife and because of this she has no right in the house. Anupama refuses to sign the papers. Vanraj gets very angry on this matter.

Anupama put this condition to Vanraj
Anupama puts forward her conditions to Vanraj before signing the papers. Anupama says that if she wants his signature then she will have to fulfill all his conditions. Anupama asks for the biggest share of the house for Babuji and Baa. After that she asks to give a part to Dimpy. Anu asks him to prepare the papers. She tells Vanraj that when the papers are ready, she will sign the NOC. Hearing all this, Pakhi and Toshu call him clever. Meanwhile, Dimpy tells Anupama that she has been selected for superstar chef. Due to this, Vanraj, Pakhi and Toshu make fun of him and ask him to step back.

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