Anupama: These 5 characters will say goodbye to the show as soon as Anupama goes to America! These actors will have leave after summer

Anupama: These 5 characters will say goodbye to the show as soon as Anupama goes to America!  These actors will have leave after summer

Anupam: Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s serial Anupama is in the news. Recently the track of Samar’s death was shown in the serial. Samar’s death broke the Shah family. After Samar’s departure, Vanraj and Anupama are in bad condition. Vanraj’s mental condition deteriorated. Toshu and Kinjal are also going to leave the family. At the same time, this track was not liked by the audience and due to this its TRP fell significantly. Therefore, the show which was at number one has now come to number four. Now a new promo has also arrived and Anupama is seen in America. Anupama is alone and no one from the Shah-Kapadia family is with her. Meanwhile, it is being heard that not one but five people will no longer be seen in the show.

Younger Anu will say goodbye to Anupama!

It was shown in Anupama that Dimpy and little Anu will be about to fall on the lamp. Anupama will save Dimpy and Malti Devi will save younger Anu. Malti will scold Anupama for not saving younger Anu. Younger Anu will also go to Anuj, when Anupama calls her. Anupama will try to convince younger Anu, but she will not listen to her. At the same time, after the arrival of the new promo, fans are speculating that Anuj-Anupama will separate. This will happen because younger Anu will die. After which it is being said that Asmi Devo will say goodbye to the show.

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These characters will also say goodbye to Anupama!

Sudhanshu Pandey, who played the character of Vanraj Shah in Anupama, has taken a break from the show. In the serial, Vanraj has gone to the meditation center. Although Baa and Kavya stop him, he says that it is very important for him to get well. Now there is suspense on when he will return to the show. At the same time, it is being said that Ankush’s son Romil is going to Boston for studies. After which it is being speculated that he too is going to leave the show. It is also being said that Kinjal and Toshu Shah want to leave the family and shift abroad. Both the characters will not be seen in the upcoming episodes. It is also being said that Nidhi Shah and Ashish Mehrotra can leave the serial. However, nothing has been said from the makers.

What did Sudhanshu Pandey say about the track about Samar’s death?

Sudhanshu Pandey has breathed life into the role of Vanraj Shah in the serial Anupama. The powerful style of Vanraj is liked by the audience a lot. However, the track of Samar’s death broke him. In the serial, he is seen remembering Samar. Sudhanshu recently went live on Instagram. During this, the actor mentioned his experience of shooting the sequence of Samar’s death. The actor told that shooting the sequence was not easy and it is stressful as if he is just acting and being an actor. The scenes put him in a very deep emotional state. Sudhanshu also told that these scenes are emotionally tiring.

Anupama will cry bitterly

Talking about Anupama’s latest track, Anupama and Anuj ask the doctor about Baa. The doctor tells them that Baa’s condition is critical with 70 percent heart blockage. Anuj asks about surgery and the doctor tells him that surgery is not advisable at this age. Meanwhile, Toshu and Kinjal are ready to go abroad. Babu ji asks them to take care of themselves and not to worry about him. The whole family calls him boy and Anuj gives him Euros and asks him to join the Indian Club. As soon as both of them leave, Anupama starts crying bitterly. Anupama hugs Baa and expresses her feelings. Baa silences him. Baa says that she does not want to live because everyone is leaving her one by one. Anupama asks Baa not to say such things.

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