Arrr…dangerous! Mayank Takla Yandachaya is the fastest bowler in the IPL ruckus.

Arrr…dangerous!  Mayank Takla Yandachaya is the fastest bowler in the IPL ruckus.


Pudhari Online Desk: Is it because of the IPL uproar that the budding players are beginning to dominate over the veteran cricketers? The boat in the middle group is Delhi fast bowler Mayank Agarwal. Tuesday, April 2 Rosy Jhalelya Samanyat Yandachya Hungamatil’s fastest ball The strength of the competitive Bengaluru Sanghachya players was heart-pounding. Immediately Bengaluruchya Chahatyanna’s wordless bananas on the field.

156.7 km per hour speed chendu takla

On Tuesday, Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) Sangha and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) Sangha were called. Chinnaswami Stadiumvar Ha Saamna Jhala. Batting first, Lucknow would have set a target of 183 runs against Bangalore. Or the usual Lucknow fast bowler Mayank Yadav troubled the RCB batsmen. He bowled at a speed of 156.7 km per hour at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Yes, he has been declared as the fastest bowler in IPL tournament.

On Tuesday, Samanyat Mayank and Glenn Maxwell, one of the best batsmen in the world, were bowled out after zero overs. After this, Mayank Yadav kept his attacking style and thrashed Cameron Greenlaw Tamboot. The speed and control of Mayank Yadav and his bowling at the Chinnaswamy Stadium astounded the players as well as the spectators.

Mayank short-lived legendary cricketer Laksh Vedhale

Mayank’s fast bowling surprised everyone. Or at the beginning of the IPL tournament, Mayank would have hit nine balls at a speed of 150 kmph in a single match. He also took three important wickets and conceded only 27 runs, his performance would have given LSZilla its first win in the tournament against Punjab Kings. His performance was so impressive that he overcame the goals of cricket greats like Brett Lee and Dale Steyn. These young Indian fast bowlers are nothing short of amazing.

The spectators were astonished when LSGSnghane won the Punjab Kings 21st Dhoni. His notable batsmen include Jonny Bairstow, Prabhsimran Singh and Jitesh Sharma. Tyanae or Samanyatheel four Shatakantas continuously recorded a speed of 150 km/s and Tyahun a higher speed. Due to this he got the honor of Tyana Samanaviracha.

Who is Mayank Yadav?

17 June 2002 Rosy Born Mayank is a bowler with special skills in fast bowling, LSG is eager to contain his impact. Before the ruckus, LSG’s head coach Justin Langer would have provided support for the fast bowler to shine.

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