Brides dressed in lehenga must keep these things in mind – Dainik Savera Times

Brides dressed in lehenga must keep these things in mind – Dainik Savera Times

The redness of the wedding day spreads through the henna applied on the hands and onto the lehenga adorned on the body, and the mere feeling of being with someone brightens the look. What is there in a lehenga is not found in any other garment. What things should be kept in mind for makeup along with bridal lehenga on a wedding occasion, let us know how your lehenga should be.

Straight cut lehenga Bird of paradise makeup suits straight cut lehenga. This is a new style which is an upgraded version of smokey eye or cat eye makeup. More colors are used to do this eye makeup. If you find this color too flashy then you can make it attractive with black color. To get this look, choose colors like peacock instead of neon and pink. While doing makeup, keep in mind that these colors should not be of the same type. For this, massage the face and neck with nourishing moisturizer. Apply a darker shade for contouring under the cheeks and jawline and on the upper part of the forehead.

Put characters under the eyes. Apply foundation on the rest of the face. Blend with the help of a wet sponge. Apply highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and dab pink blush on the tops of your cheeks. Blend them well for a natural look. Apply dark shade purple eyeshadow in a winged shape with the help of a pencil brush. Apply it starting from the lashline to the outer parts of the eyes and then extend it till your natural crease line. Apply bright blue eyeshadow in the center of the eyelids. Take a darker shade of blue and use it to blend purple and bright blue eyeshadow. Apply pink or purple eyeshadow to the lower lashline. Apply kajal on the lower waterline. Complete your look with pink nude lip color.

Anarkali Lehenga: Ethnic look makeup suits well with Anarkali lehenga. Kajal is very important for ethnic makeup. If you are wearing a simple Anarkali lehenga for a day event, then apply kajal on the lower lashline after applying basic eye liner. If the event is in the night then you can enhance the beauty by applying dark kajal for smokey eyes makeup. It is also important to do makeup according to the jewelery being worn with ethnic wear. Highlighting makeup like glittery dramatic eye makeup with heavy gold jewelery is against the basic rules of beauty. Blushing face looks good for ethnic look. Therefore, before applying makeup, the face should be cleaned to give it a fresh look. Bright color lipstick suits ethnic look, not light shade. Fish Cut Lehenga: You can get a polished and attractive look through nude makeup with fish cut lehenga. Nude makeup keeps your skin even tone. The more neutral your makeup base is, the more beautiful you will look. For nude makeup of dark skin, bronze or golden color lipstick will give you a shiner look. Use blusher in pinkish brown shade with golden brown eyeshadow on dark skin tones. For nude makeup of medium skin, mauve color lip shade gives a flawless touch to the look. For this type of skin, use blush in pink brown with pale golden brown eye shadows. This will give you a natural look. For nude makeup of fair skin, apply blush in honey apricot color nicely on the cheek bones. Use light colored shimmery eyeshadow on your eye sockets. Do not let your lips be over-glossy or matte. For this you can use cream based lip shade or balm. This will make your face look even more glowing. Open straight hair with natural makeup, a small bindi and maang tikka can be your perfect look on the wedding day.

You can try Arabic makeup with this heavy work lehenga. Eye makeup is most important in Arabian look. In this the eye makeup is made quite vibrant and colourful. To make the eyes attractive, silver eye shadow is applied on the inner corners, golden eye shadow is applied in the center and dark colored eye shadow is applied on the outer corners. After this, contouring is done around the eyes with black color, giving a cut crease look. This makes the eyes look smokey, big and attractive. Highlighting is done under the eyebrows with pearl gold shade. Glitters are applied on the eyelids to add sparkle to the eyes. To give a complete sensual look to the eyes, apply artificial lashes on the eyelids. Curl the lashes with an eyelash curler and apply a coat of mascara so that they look like natural lashes. Finish your eye makeup by applying bold kajal on the waterline.

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