Despite being a TV serial, I have a no makeup look in the show ‘Udne Ki Asha’… Actress Neha revealed

Despite being a TV serial, I have a no makeup look in the show ‘Udne Ki Asha’… Actress Neha revealed

Actress Neha Harsora, who has been a part of serials like Agnivayu, Raj Mahal and Dhruv Tara, will soon be seen in Star Plus show Udaan Asha. She describes this show as much tougher than her previous roles because she had to go through a lot of homework for it. Conversation with Urmila Kori…

What is the story and characters of the show Udne Ki Asha?

The background of my character Sayali is of lower middle class. What kind of struggle she has and how she is handling the entire family. The story is about him only. You will find the story very inspired by real life. I think it will connect people a lot. This is the story of Mumbai. Of the people struggling here, who endure so much every day to fulfill their dreams.

How did you get involved with this show?

I auditioned. Once I went to the office of the production house and gave an audition. He then did a mock shoot. After that I came to know that I was locked.

How much do you connect with this character?

I can relate a lot. It is told that Sayli is the elder of the house. In real life, Neha is also the elder of the house. There are four younger than me. Good luck to your brothers and sisters. Well educated. This is all my thinking too. Parents should not face any problems. I also want this, so I connect a lot with the character.

What did you have to learn for this character?

Had to learn a lot. Had to learn to drive a two wheeler, make necklaces and torans, because she is a florist. It took time to learn all this. As soon as I came to know that I was going to get this show. I started working on myself. There was a necklace maker on the road in front of our house, so I went to him for fifteen consecutive days and learned how to make necklaces. Also tried to understand how they talk to their customers. Also worked on language. I am Gujarati in real life, so I had to work a little on Marathi dialect. I did two classes of Activa in a day. Only after that I became comfortable driving Activa. I am a bit chubby, whereas in this show I am from a poor family, so accordingly I had to tone down my body. This serial has been kept very realistic. This show is so realistic that these people are allowing even my pimple marks to remain as they are. The hair is also natural. They have also given me old clothes. My slippers also have very thin sole. It becomes difficult to walk wearing it. It is shown in this serial that my father cannot even afford a scooty for me, so I have been given an old bike. I have got a bike which stops at any time. By kicking him, both my legs have turned green.

If we look at your journey, you have also done negative, supporting roles, has the industry ever typecast you?

I want to do every kind of character. I have done negative and now I am doing positive. The best thing is that I was never typecast that the offer would be negative. I am ready to work in every kind of character and platform, whether I am comfortable doing it or not. This matters to me.

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