Diabetic retinopathy screening campaign of Jharkhand Eye Society on the theme ‘Check Yearly, See Clearly’

Diabetic retinopathy screening campaign of Jharkhand Eye Society on the theme ‘Check Yearly, See Clearly’

On the initiative of All India Eye Society, ‘Check Yearly See Clearly’ campaign has also been started in Jharkhand during the World Diabetic Week. Under this, diabetic eye screening is being done. Eye Society in the capital Ranchi and Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, Ranchi Chapter together on Thursday (16 November) in collaboration with Diabetes Care Center Sheetal Kunj and Kashyap Memorial Eye Hospital Ranchi A camp was organized to check the eyes of diabetic patients. In this, people’s eyes were examined for free. Dr. Bharti Kashyap, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of Jharkhand Eye Society, said that camps are being organized in remote areas of Jharkhand since November 14. This campaign will run till 20th November. He said that a large number of people lose their eyesight due to diabetes. He said that there are three major causes of blindness – swelling or vitreous hemorrhage in the macula between the eyes or slipping of the eye curtain from its place.

Symptoms of diabetic retinopathy are not visible initially

Dr. Bharti Kashyap said that one of the messages of AIOS Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Study 2019 was that diabetic retinopathy starts in 22 percent of patients with vision of 6/18 or better in the early stages of diabetes, but the patient has no symptoms. Is visible. For this reason, all people with diabetes should have a retina or comprehensive complete eye examination once a year. He said that the problem of diabetic retinopathy was 77.8 percent in those patients who had diabetes for more than 15 years. The incidence of diabetic retinopathy was more in diabetic patients suffering from kidney disease and those affected by cerebro vascular accident.

These eye problems can be treated

He told that after the operation of cataract caused by diabetes, the patient’s eyesight returns. Glaucoma can also be cured with medicine or surgery. But, if diabetic retinopathy is not treated on time, eyesight can be lost forever. The main reason for loss of vision in diabetic retinopathy is swelling or vitreous hemorrhage in the middle part of the retina called the macula or the retina slipping out of its place.

This is how you can get relief from diabetic retinopathy

At the same time, Dr. Vinay Dhandhania said that diabetic retinopathy can be prevented in the initial stages by controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride. He said that due to swelling in the middle part of the retina, anti-VGF injections have to be done inside the eyes. When small, weak blood vessels grow inside the eyes, laser treatment is required along with injections. He said that if there is blood inside the eyes or retinal detachment has occurred, then vitrectomy or retina surgery is required.

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