Einstein’s eyes and brain are still safe

Einstein’s eyes and brain are still safe


Bizarre News: On April 18, 1955, Albert Einstein died at Princeton’s University Medical Center in Plainsboro, New Jersey at the age of 76. Einstein did not want his brain or body to be studied or worshiped, but while performing an autopsy, Princeton pathologist Thomas Harvey removed the scientist’s brain without permission in the hope of uncovering the secrets of his genius. .

According to Brian Burrell’s book, Postcards from the Brain Museum, Einstein had written instructions before his death that his remains should not be tampered with after his death. After the last rites, the ashes should be scattered somewhere secretly. Let us tell you that Harvey stole his brain without the permission of his family, and kept it hidden for 20 years even after the hospital asked him to return it.

Where are Einstein’s eyes now?

After removing Einstein’s eyes, Harvey gave them to his optometrist, Dr. Henry Abrams. It is believed that they are now locked in a safety deposit box in New York City. Sometimes you will hear a rumor that the eyes are going to be auctioned.

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Who was Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein was a German-American physicist and perhaps the most famous scientist of the 20th century. He is famous for his theory of relativity, a pillar of modern physics that describes the dynamics of light and extremely massive entities, as well as his work in quantum mechanics, which focuses on the subatomic region. According to the American Museum of Natural History, Einstein’s body was cremated and his ashes were spread at an undisclosed location.


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