Eye makeup will now be very easy, just follow these easy tips

Eye makeup will now be very easy, just follow these easy tips


Every woman finds eye makeup to be the most difficult step in makeup. This is because it is very important for it to be perfect. To make the makeup perfect and complete your look, eye makeup is essential. That’s why today we have brought some easy tips related to eye makeup for you, which we are going to tell you today –

Always keep eye makeup cream-based, powder-based makeup can go inside the eyes, which can cause eye irritation or any other complaint.

– If your eyes are very small, then the choice of eyeshadow shades of grey, brown, beige etc. will be a smart choice for you.

Applying a dark shade on the edge of the eyelid, blend it lightening inwards. By doing this your eyes will look big and beautiful.

Which shade should be chosen for eyeshadow depends on whether you are doing makeup for day time or night time. For daytime makeup, it is better to choose mostly nude or earthy tones. Yes, for the night you can choose bold and vibrant shades in your eye makeup.

While applying mascara, do not move the brush in and out again and again. This will allow air to fill in the bottle and may spoil the mascara. Do not buy waterproof mascara for everyday use. If you have naturally thick eyelashes, choose a clear or transparent mascara.


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