GT vs MI: Hustling, hustling and brawling for tickets

GT vs MI: Hustling, hustling and brawling for tickets

Ahmedabad; Circle Organization: A huge commotion was witnessed outside the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Samanyaadhi during the second qualifier between Gujarat Titans and Mumbai Indians. Or to get tickets for the general public, people used to get so angry that there was a scuffle and a fight in the queue. GT vs MI

Fans used to run long and hard to get tickets for Qualifier-2 or the same between Mumbai and Gujarat. Some videos like this have come to the fore, seeing which one will be horrified. There was a brawl in Rangeet Chakk for the reason or general ticket. GT vs MI

Or due to the situation in Changarachangri, fans are accusing the stadium administrators of not making proper arrangements for this. At this time the situation became so uncontrolled that the police had to be called. In between, due to the commotion, many people were seen lying empty-handed.

Or those who would have taken online tickets for qualifier-2 and final, such people would have reached the stadium to get tickets. If you have an online ticket, then you will have to take the hard copy of the ticket without the QR code at the counter, such an appeal would have been made. Due to this, the crowd increased so much that a situation like Chengrachengri was created.

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