GT vs MI Qualifier 2: Mumbai Indians, Pawasacha Danka, Finalchi Wat Khadtar; gujarat only happy

GT vs MI Qualifier 2: Mumbai Indians, Pawasacha Danka, Finalchi Wat Khadtar;  gujarat only happy

Pudhari Online Desk: GT vs MI Qualifier 2: The second qualifier of the IPL will be played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on Friday. In this match, defending champions Gujarat Titans will face five-time champions Mumbai Indians. Nanefek has not yet happened due to rain. That’s why there is tension with the players of Mumbai Indians. Because if the rain continues unabated, then only the path of Sangha’s final will be difficult.

There have been three matches between Gujarat and Mumbai associations in IPL and Mumbai has been the dominant force. MI has won both the three matches, while Gujarat has won only one match.

Meanwhile, today’s Qualifier 2 was affected by the change of weather and today’s Qualifier 2 was canceled due to rain and what will happen next, but all the targets are still in force. Let us know what is the weather condition in Ahmedabad today…

What will happen if it rains? (GT vs MI Qualifier 2)

No reserve day for playoff normals. In such a situation, the decision of the arbitration will be decided on the same day itself. In the match extra time is given due to rain. Waited for the rain to stop. After that, at least five or five sixes were planned to be played. Only after that there is no rain and when at the end of the playing condition, there is rain, an attempt is made to remove the super over, that is, to remove each six from the game.

If the encounter is canceled and the chain round is over, the place of both the unions will be decisive. During the chain round, the union which is on top will be declared as the winner and will be sent to the next round. That is, if Saamana is canceled today, it will be beneficial for Gujarat Titans. The reason is that the Sangh would have topped the merit list. And the Association of Mumbai Indians would have been at the fourth place in the merit list.

What is the weather condition in Ahmedabad?

There is less chance of rain in Ahmedabad on Friday. It is said to have clean climate and good for playing. Here on 26th, the day’s peak temperature was 41 degree Celsius and the night’s minimum temperature was 29 degree Celsius. The day and night sky will remain clear, there is a possibility of 23 percent rain during the day and 16 percent at night. In such a situation, the playing of rain can have some consequences. Daytime humidity remained 46 percent and decreased to 59 percent at night. In such a situation, the conditions in Ahmedabad are favorable for sports, it is said that it is said, it is said that. (GT vs MI Qualifier 2)

pitch report

The playing field at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad will help the batsmen a lot. That’s why the record of high runs will be changed in the match between Mumbai and Gujarat. Initially the fast bowlers will get some swing. Also striving for bounce – either fast bowlers or pitches would be an advantage. As the encounter progresses, turning around may help a little. Drugs could be a big factor and it is likely that the captain will decide to skip the Nanefek Jinkoon challenge. The average score in the first innings at Narendra Modi Stadium is 167.

IPL records and statistics at Narendra Modi Stadium

Total for IPL : 25
Victory of batting first: 12 times
Dhavancha Pathlag Karana-Ya Sanghacha Vijay: 13 times
Average score on first day: 167
Average Powerplay Score: 47
Average death over score in last 5 ODIs: 50

‘or’ players’ performance goals

Shubman Gill is currently in tremendous form. This ground is lucky for him. He has scored 501 runs in 10 overs at an average of 62.63 and a strike rate of 147.35. David Miller has scored 208 runs here at an average of 41.60 and a strike rate of 167.74. Tar Mohammad Shami or Stadiumwar has taken 18 wickets at an average of 16.22. In such a situation, there is no doubt about the performance of all.

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