Husband beat me in first marriage, cheated on me in second time too! Dalljiet Kaur’s second marriage is going to break within 11 months

Husband beat me in first marriage, cheated on me in second time too!  Dalljiet Kaur’s second marriage is going to break within 11 months

Daljeet Kaur has been in the headlines for a few days after the news of her separation from her second husband Nikhil Patel came to light. The TV actress, who was very happy after finding second love after her painful marriage with TV actor Shaleen Bhanot, has once again become unlucky. Daljeet will tie the knot with Nikhil in 2023 and the actress’ husband has removed all their wedding photos from his Instagram handle. The reason for their separation is claimed to be that they do not consider each other right for them. That’s why they have chosen to separate.

Daljeet Kaur breaks silence on divorce news

Daljeet, who was maintaining silence on the ongoing divorce news, has finally reacted on it. Daljeet could not keep calm after seeing her being quoted by a publication and insisted the publication not misrepresent her and claimed that they did not speak to her. Diljit said, “I never spoke to @sbsapnews. Please don’t misquote me.”

Daljeet Kaur’s team’s statement on divorce rumors

A statement from the actress’s team came when the news of their separation was making a lot of headlines. The team also revealed the reason for Diljeet’s return to India and wrote – I am telling here that Diljeet and Jaden (his son) are currently in India for the surgery of Diljeet’s father. After this surgery, his mother also has to undergo operation. For this reason he is currently with his parents. Apart from this, Diljit’s teen did not talk about the news of divorce. He said that apart from this, we just want to say that Daljeet would not like to comment on anything at this time because there are children in the picture. Please respect the privacy of their children and please consider this. The only statement she would like to make.”

How did the rift happen in Daljeet Kaur’s second marriage?

Two days after rumors of Dalljiet Kaur’s separation from her husband Nikhil Patel started spreading, now news has come that things were not well between the two for a long time. If a report in E-Times is to be believed, Daljeet and Nikhil started facing problems soon after their marriage and then realized that they were “incompatible”. An insider told the entertainment portal that if the couple doesn’t resolve the issues between them, separation may be the only option. Some sources on the divorce rumors said that initially, everything seemed fine in their marriage, but it was short-lived. Problems arose between the couple soon thereafter. Daljeet and Nikhil realized that they were incompatible. The situation has become worse in the last two months. If problems persist, separation may be the only option.

Why did the marriage with Shalin Bhanot end?

The actress’ first marriage with Shalin Bhanot broke down when she accused the actor and his family of physical abuse. Daljeet even claimed that they had also demanded dowry from her and she could not bear the mental pressure and initiated a divorce.

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