If you don’t eat this in this heat then what did you eat?

If you don’t eat this in this heat then what did you eat?

Summer Tips: Drumstick vegetable is especially liked in Bihar, Jharkhand and Bengal. People start waiting for it as soon as January arrives when along with mango blossoms, drumstick flowers also start appearing on the trees. It is also called Munga, Moringo and in common parlance ‘Sajna Sutti’. You must be well aware of its medicinal properties. It is anti-fungal and rich in vitamin-mineral properties. According to experts, many diseases can be avoided by eating it in this season. Its flowers and leaves are also very useful. It even has many beauty benefits. It benefits your hair, skin and overall health in many ways. Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties keep you fit. Know the nine amazing benefits of drumstick.

eradicates acne from its roots

As we know, drumstick is rich in antifungal properties, which makes it very useful in dealing with skin diseases. It even has beauty benefits you might not know about! That is, it helps in reducing acne and boils. You can also make a face mask from its leaves to instantly cleanse your skin. They also contain antioxidants like Vitamin A, B and C, which prevents the aging process from happening quickly.

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reduces inflammation

Dieticians also advise you to include anti-inflammatory foods in your diet for glowing and glowing skin. The flavonoids and isothiocyanates present in drumstick give it the ability to fight inflammation. Actually, they control the chemicals called cytokines present in the body, due to which sometimes the face looks puffy. This quality also provides relief in arthritis and joint pain.

Also helpful in weight loss

You will be surprised to know that drumstick is also considered beneficial in weight loss. Although this is a recent research, which has been in discussion for some time. This is due to the presence of compounds called isothiocyanates in it; Which is known to prevent weight gain. Perhaps this is the reason why drumstick, a vegetable rich in nutrients, is also being seen as a natural dietary supplement, consuming which makes your diet balanced.

Improves digestive health

Symptoms of stomach upset are first visible on our face. Oily and spicy food increases digestive problems. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that stomach health is not ignored. Drumstick maintains the highest levels of good bacteria in your digestive system. It also fights ulcers.

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Promotes heart health

Having a healthy heart is important for an active and healthy life. Some studies have found that consuming drumstick regularly improved diastolic cardiac function. Even a reduction in narrowing of the arteries was observed. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure levels and fights the damage caused by free radicals. When the amount of free radicals (free molecules) starts increasing in the body, diseases start occurring and aging on the skin also starts appearing before age. Thus, it is also helpful in keeping heart diseases away.

It has the ability to fight cancer

One of the many benefits of drumstick is its cancer fighting properties. This vegetable prevents the growth of cancer cells, that is why it is considered a powerful dietary supplement. It also works exceptionally well against breast cancer and stomach cancer. This is due to a compound called nanocomposite present in it, which surprisingly maintains healthy cells by destroying cancer cells!

strengthens brain health

You must be aware of many food items that strengthen brain health, the most special of which is sea food. Similarly, for vegetarians, drumstick has been considered an option that promotes brain health. It slows down neurodegeneration and improves memory.

Detoxifies the blood

Most people know how useful Neem leaves are in purifying the blood. It has been used in Ayurveda for centuries in the treatment of skin related problems.
But you might not know that drumstick is equally effective in removing toxins from your blood. It reduces the chances of some infections by strongly fighting bacteria and fungus.

Provides complete nutrition to your liver

This is why dermatologists first check the liver function of their patients, which is like an indicator for the skin. One of the tremendous benefits of drumstick is that it also has the ability to rid your liver and kidneys of some toxins. It reduces excess cholesterol in the body and also repairs the damage caused by external medicines.

Who should people keep in mind before eating drumstick?

  • Drumstick is hot in nature, hence pregnant women should not eat it without consulting a doctor. There is a risk of miscarriage due to this.
  • Consumption of drumstick is considered harmful for people with low blood pressure.
  • Excessive consumption of drumstick can increase vata and pitta in the body.
  • Consumption of drumstick is considered very beneficial for diabetic patients, but consuming it in excess can increase the sugar level in the body.

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