Kiran Rao does not like the tag of ‘ex-wife’. Loktej Entertainment News

Kiran Rao does not like the tag of ‘ex-wife’.  Loktej Entertainment News

Aamir Khan’s ex-wife is busy promoting Kiran Rao’s film ‘Missing Ladies’. She is constantly being called Aamir’s ex-wife but now she has raised her voice against it. He said that I also have a different identity.

Kiran Rao himself is a director and producer. He started working as an assistant director in the superhit film ‘Lagaan’. Kiran Rao is not very active in the media but his recent interview is in discussion. She was asked what do you think when people call you Aamir’s ex-wife? After this he said, “To be honest, I feel very strange. I don’t like it when people ask me in public if she is Aamir’s ex-wife. Maybe they don’t know who I am and what I do? I am not just Aamir’s. I have a different identity.”

Kiran Rao and Aamir Khan were married in 2005. They divorced after 16 years. Even today Aamir has a lot of love and respect for Kiran. Talking about the relationship, Kiran said, “Aamir and I are good friends. I like working with him. People still call me Aamir’s ex-wife but when I got married, I was still in my place.”‘Laapta Ladies’ is Kiran Rao’s film giving a social message. He has expressed hope that people will definitely like this film.

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