Kolhapur Football: ‘Naad Khula’ football lover of Kolhapur… given a reward of three lakh rupees for scoring a goal!

Kolhapur Football: ‘Naad Khula’ football lover of Kolhapur… given a reward of three lakh rupees for scoring a goal!


Pudhari Online Desk: There are many stories of football fans in Kolhapur city dying like ‘football lovers’. Kolhapurat wrestling and football centers, the sports grounds of the city fill the houses. Presently the Shiv-Shahu match is going on at Kolhapurat Shahu Stadium. In the competition, on Tuesday (Day 2), Khandoba Training Board and Shri Vetalmal Training Board will face each other. During the match, Vetmal Sanghachaya Chahatya announced a reward of Rs 3 lakh for scoring a goal. Or Bakshisachi discussion is going on in the city right now. (Kolhapur Football)

The first round is Rs 51 thousand… the second round is Rs 1 lakh and the third round is Rs 10 lakh…

Football lover Rajendra Salokhe announced a cash prize of more than Rs 3 lakh for the player of his association scoring a goal in the match between Khandoba Training Board and Shri Vetalmal Training in the Shiv-Shahu competition. The first goal was scored by Khandoba Kadu. So he announced a reward of Rs 51 thousand for Fed. Vetāmalālāchāya Akāsh Mālī scores a goal and scores the prize. After this, the second goalie was recorded from Khandobakadu. Vetalkaduna has again announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh 1 thousand for scoring another goal. Hey Bakshis, Sarvesh Wadkarne scored a goal.

As the match was tied 2-2, the jealousy on the field increased even more. Announcement of a reward of Rs 1 lakh 51 thousand for the player who scores the third goal of Vetalamal Kaduna has been announced yesterday; But as there was no goal till the end of the match, the reward was given to Vetalmaal Sanghala. For the first time in the football history of Kolhapur, football fans were surprised to announce a reward of more than Rs 3 lakh for a goal. (Kolhapur Football)

The whole time the match was tied 2-2.

Shiv-Shahu Chashak football competition organized by United Juna Budhwar Peth Sevabhavi Sanstha is starting at Chhatrapati Shahu Stadium. On Tuesday, the third pre-final match of the competition took place between Khandoba Talim and Vetalmal Talim in Rangla. From the beginning of the match there was fast and aggressive play from both the teams. In the first half of the match, Prabhu Powar scored a goal for Sanghala Aghadi. At the end of the second half, Aakash Malin made a 56th minute throw by Minitala Golchi and faced 1-1 equal score. After this, Khandobachya Kewal Kamble scored the 62nd minute goal and Aashi Aghadi again scored 2-1. या गोल्ची पर्तफेड वेटालमालच्या सर्वेश वाडकरेन 73 व्या मिनिताला केली. Due to this, the entire match was tied at 2-2.

Vetalamalchi wins in tiebreaker

To find the correct solution, a typewriter was used. In the tie-breaker, Khandobachya Sanket Ramdane Marlela stroked goalkeeper Ayush Chauglene Rokhla. Vetalmalchaya Prathamesh Kamblene Marlela Stroke Khandobacha Goli Arnendu Dattane Rokhla. After this, Khandobachya Aditya Lykar, Bisal Tigga, Kewal Kamble made infallible round bananas. Prabhu Powar fired the ball at goal keeper Ayush Chaugley. Uttarakhal Vetalmalkaduna Pranav Kanse, Sandeep Powar, Prathamesh Patil and Yash Chikro scored unbeaten goals to help Noodhoon Sanghala win 4-3.

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