Lakshadweep’s special product ‘Coconut Jaggery’ is among the most expensive food items.

Lakshadweep’s special product ‘Coconut Jaggery’ is among the most expensive food items.

Tinnakara/Kavaratti (Lakshadweep): If you are planning to visit the beautiful tourist destination Lakshadweep, then do not forget to taste the special dish coconut jaggery which is very tasty and healthy. However, due to the special cooking method and high demand, tasting coconut jaggery is a bit heavy on the pocket. “By cooking and thickening 30 liters of coconut juice, we can get only 2.5 kg of jaggery,” said Saifullah, who runs a small restaurant on Tinnakara Island.

That’s why it is very expensive. Its price is Rs 1,000 per kilogram. The demand for coconut jaggery is so high that if someone wants to get this special jaggery then he has to book an order for it in advance. The islanders believe that even diabetic patients can eat this jaggery and they can use it while making sweets or tea. The islanders said that this jaggery does not spoil for a long time and should not be kept in the refrigerator.

Saifullah said, ‘This is a special product of Lakshadweep. We use coral stones collected from the sea while cooking it to remove its sourness.’ There are about 15 people in Tinnakara who work only on extracting coconut juice and making jaggery from it. Coconut jaggery is made by boiling coconut juice continuously for more than four hours. It is a typical product of Lakshadweep people, which they use to make ‘Lakshadweep Halwa’ and other sweets.

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