Nutrition for winter: These vitamins are necessary to stay healthy in winter, immunity will be strong

Nutrition for winter: These vitamins are necessary to stay healthy in winter, immunity will be strong

It is very important to take care of health in winter. In this season the body often looks lethargic. The immune system also becomes weak due to cold. In winter, diseases like cold and cough trouble us again and again. Actually, the skin becomes dry and sensitive in cold due to which the skin starts getting irritated. To keep the body healthy, there is more need of nutrition in winter.

Include this vitamin in your diet

Vitamin B-12 and B-complex

To stay healthy in winter, it is important to include vitamins in your diet. Actually, B-12 is one of the essential B-vitamins. Vitamin B-12 keeps the blood and nerve cells of the body healthy. B-12 increases red blood cell production. It provides energy to our body and also makes the skin glowing. You can include eggs, curd, cheese and milk in your diet.

vitamin D

It is important to take Vitamin D in winter. Many times there is no sunlight during the cold season due to which Vitamin D deficiency is seen in the body. Vitamin D is a sunshine vitamin obtained from sunlight. Taking Vitamin D provides many health benefits, the body gets calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D strengthens the immune system and develops bones.

Omega 3

To keep immunity strong during cold weather, it is important to take adequate amount of omega fatty acids. For this, you can include pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, fish etc. in your diet.

Vitamin E

The skin becomes very dry in winter, hence consumption of Vitamin E rich food makes the skin soft and moisturized. Not only this, skin wrinkles also reduce. You can include nuts, spinach, eggs, beetroot, pumpkin, red capsicum and seeds in your diet.

Vitamin A

To keep yourself healthy during the cold season, it is important to have Vitamin A in your diet. Vitamin A provides antioxidants to the body and also has anti-inflammatory effect on the body. You can include vegetables like mustard leaves, spinach leaves, bathua, carrot, kale and sweet potato in your diet.

To have a healthy body and strong immunity in winter, be sure to include all these vitamins in your diet.

Disclaimer: The suggestions in this article are for general information. Do not take these tips and information as advice from a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, definitely consult a doctor.

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