On fans booing Hardik Pandya, Ashwin said, ‘The war between fans is getting very bad’

On fans booing Hardik Pandya, Ashwin said, ‘The war between fans is getting very bad’


New Delhi: India’s veteran and Rajasthan Royals off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has come out in support of Mumbai Indians captain Hardik Pandya, as Hardik is facing trolling and booing. In a livestream on his YouTube channel, a user asked Ashwin, “Is it time for Mumbai Indians to issue a statement (on making Hardik the captain), adding that it was a poor transfer on the part of the management.” Was?” In response, Ashwin said, “Nobody has any role to play. Neither the franchise nor the player has any role in this. I think the responsibility and onus is on the fans.”

After his move from Gujarat Titans to Mumbai Indians, which was seen as a coup and made Hardik the captain replacing Rohit Sharma ahead of IPL 2024, Hardik was subjected to merciless ridicule by the fans, who used discriminatory words at him several times. Also used. The five-time champions had their first two matches in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad, where they suffered defeats. Talking further about Hardik facing the wrath of fans in both MI matches so far, Ashwin said, “Have you seen this happening in any other country? Have you seen Joe Root and Jack Crawley fans fighting? Or have you seen Joe Root and Jos Buttler fans fighting? this is madness. Have you seen Steve Smith and Pat Cummins fans fighting in Australia? I have said this many times, this is cricket.”

“It is a cinema culture. I know there are things like marketing, positioning and branding. I don’t deny it. I, for my part, don’t believe in all this, but indulging in it is not wrong either. Fan wars should never go down this ugly path. Let us remember which country these players represent – ​​our country. Then why does a cricketer need to be scolded?” Ashwin also called for cricketers to stop booing, citing past examples of how Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid played under each other’s captaincy as players and all three later played M.S. How did you play under Dhoni? “I don’t understand.

If you don’t like a player and scold a player, why should a team come to issue an explanation? We behave as if this never happened before. (Sourav) Ganguly played under Sachin (Tendulkar) and vice versa.” “Both of them have played under the captaincy of Rahul Dravid. All three of them have played under the leadership of Anil Kumble and all of them have played under the leadership of Dhoni. These players were cricket legends when they were under Dhoni. Dhoni also played under the leadership of Virat.” “We need to act unitedly.

Do you know what the problem is? We are all happy sitting in our homes, looking outside and getting someone else to pick up the garbage. We don’t want to bother doing it ourselves. We must improve ourselves first. It is a real time game. Real-time games have real-time emotions. He concluded, “How we go through it, how we deal with it and how we find the balance to play cricket, that’s what it’s all about.

A real game can never be compared to a cinema. Heroes and hero-worship are great. I am all for it. Enjoy what you like about your favorites but not at the cost of letting down another player. This is something I would love to see disappear off the face of the earth in our country.” Mumbai Indians, who are yet to make it to the points table, will play their first home match of IPL 2024 against Sanju Samson-led Rajasthan Royals at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on Monday evening.

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