People fainted after seeing the wedding card, what was so strange?

People fainted after seeing the wedding card, what was so strange?


Bizarre News: There is hardly any one of us who does not use social media platforms. To entertain ourselves or to gather information, we all take help of social media platforms. One special thing about social media is that whatever happens goes viral very fast. Many times people laugh after seeing things that have gone viral and sometimes they hold their heads. Recently, one such shocking case has come to light. Let us tell you that this case is from Bikaner where a family had got a wedding card printed which is in the news at the moment. When the family got this card printed, they would not have even imagined that it would become viral news and a topic of discussion. What was there in this card? Let us know.

What was so special about this wedding card?

The funniest thing is that neither any poetry nor any story was written in this wedding card. But, still this card is becoming quite viral on social media. Let us tell you that this wedding card was printed by a joint family. In which it was written that 17 brothers and sisters of the family would get married. 12 grooms reached Nokha in Bikaner with a wedding procession, where earlier too the wedding procession of 5 cousin sisters had been taken out. 17 people from the same family were married. To present his joint family as an example to the world, village resident Surjaram Godara married his 17 grandchildren together. The reason was that everyone’s names were present in the wedding card printed by the family. This card printed for the wedding contained only the names of the bride and groom.

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Why did the family do this?

According to the information revealed, this family wanted to set an example before the people. The family saved a lot of money on food and drink by getting all 17 brothers and sisters married together. Even for the wedding he got only one card printed. On the first day, 5 granddaughters got married, after which 12 grandsons got married on the second day. This marriage is being discussed in every corner of the world.

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