Religion and spirituality give strength in difficult times, South Africa’s Rambhakt spinner Keshav Maharaj said this

Religion and spirituality give strength in difficult times, South Africa’s Rambhakt spinner Keshav Maharaj said this

Experienced South African spinner who wears a copper bangle with ‘Om Namah Shivay’ written on his right hand and wishes to visit Ayodhya soon. Keshav Maharaj For religion and spirituality is their strength in difficult situations. Keshav never shies away from expressing his faith even on the field and asks the DJ to play ‘Ram Siyaram’ whenever he enters the field. ODI in India world Cup During the match against Netherlands, he had ‘Om’ sticker on his bat and after winning the match against Pakistan in Chennai, he wrote ‘Jai Shri Hanuman’ at the end of his social media post expressing happiness over the victory.

Keshav’s family is very religious

During the recent Test series against India at his home ground, while coming on the field, he had asked the DJ to play ‘Ram Siyaram’ and this video went viral. Indian-origin Keshav Maharaj said in an interview given to Bhasha here before the ‘SA 20 Final’, ‘I come from a very religious and spiritually interested family. Religion and spirituality were not imposed on me, but I feel that they give me guidance and perspective in difficult situations. I am very attached to my faith.

Keshav’s great grandfather had gone to South Africa to work as a laborer.

Keshav’s great grandfather was from Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh who came to Durban in 1874 to work as a labourer. Keshav said, ‘I celebrate all the festivals at home and give the message to everyone that there must be some faith in life.’ He was so excited about the consecration of Ram temple in Ayodhya on January 22 that he had shared many posts about it on social media. He said, ‘I am an ardent devotee of Lord Ram and it was a special day. It was very special to have something like this happen on such a large scale. This doesn’t happen everywhere in the world and I’m glad it happened.

Keshav is playing in SA 20

The captain of Durban Super Giants, Lucknow Super Giants’ fellow team in SA 20, said, ‘Whenever I come to India and have time, I would definitely like to visit Ayodhya.’ While talking about cricket, he said that T20 cricket is necessary for the development and promotion of the game. He said, ‘I do not have the experience of playing IPL but the SA20 experience has been great. With this, young players are getting a good opportunity and the spectators are getting to see excellent cricket. Spectators are gathering in the field.

Keshav will save the day in IPL this time

He believes that the role of spinners will be important in the T20 World Cup to be held in West Indies and America. He said, ‘The wickets are getting better now and the boundaries are getting smaller. In such a situation, the team needs a spinner for balance and variety. It is expected that the spinner will perform well in the T20 World Cup and play an even bigger role at the international level in the future. This bowler, who took 14 wickets in nine matches in the World Cup in India, said that being a left-arm spinner, the challenges in this format are not easy.

Said this on Virat’s leave

He said, ‘One has to be very clever for this. You have to complete your homework. Be it a left-arm or right-arm or wrist spinner, one has to bowl to complement each other. He is also working hard on his game as a batsman and wants to become a good all-rounder. He said, ‘I know I can bat well and am working hard on it. Hopefully we will see this in the future. When asked about Virat Kohli taking a break from the Test series against England, he said, ‘It is a personal matter and I do not want to comment on it.’

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