Sexual Wellness: 73 percent women have gastrointestinal problems during periods, know the reason

Sexual Wellness: 73 percent women have gastrointestinal problems during periods, know the reason


Talking about periods is a taboo subject in our society. That’s why even today women shy away from talking about this. Let us tell you that during periods, women face all kinds of problems in their body. Many times it is not even understood which part of the body is having what kind of problem. Most women suffer from stomach upset during periods. During this time one has to go to the toilet many times, and there is more pain even during motions.

Sometimes the problem of gastritis also starts during periods. In such a situation, the question arises that when your eating habits do not change during this period, then why there is a problem during periods. In such a situation, today through this article we are going to tell why women have to face the situation like stomach upset during periods.

Why do you have to go to the toilet more during periods?

According to health experts, this happens due to two P’s i.e. progesterone and prostaglandins. Prostaglandin is the chemical that causes period blood to come from the uterus. If this chemical is less or not present in the body, there may be problems during periods.

Its effect can also be seen on the intestines. Due to which one has to visit the toilet more often during periods.

Progesterone also affects it. This hormone promotes constipation in the body. As long as there is an abundance of this hormone in your body, you will not have loose motions. But during periods it falls and the intestines relax. For this reason the motion increases during periods.

Do women have this problem during periods?

According to a research, 73 percent of women have some kind of gastrointestinal problem during periods. During this period, main problems like constipation or diarrhea occur.

Reasons for stomach upset in women during periods

Now let us talk about the two main reasons due to which stomach problems occur. Let us tell you that the increase and decrease of progesterone promotes appetite in us. Due to which different types of cravings start appearing in the body. On one hand, one feels like eating high fat foods like ice cream, sugar and chocolate etc., while on the other hand, one feels like eating more fried and spicy foods.

Our body takes more time to digest such foods. Due to these foods, the bowel movement of the body gets spoiled.

The second important reason is stress and anxiety, due to which problems increase during periods. Because stress and anxiety affect the bowel movement of the body. Due to this, there is pain at various places in the body and conditions like constipation, gas or diarrhea occur.

To avoid all these problems, you will have to relax a little, exercise and control your eating and drinking habits. You can consume healthy snacks. So that your hunger can be controlled as much as possible.

Disclaimer: The suggestions in this article are for general information. Do not take these tips and information as advice from a doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, definitely consult a doctor.


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