The new director of RIMS bluntly said, doctors should come on time, I will also come on time.

The new director of RIMS bluntly said, doctors should come on time, I will also come on time.

Dr. Rajkumar, the new director of RIMS, Jharkhand’s largest hospital, has contributed to RIMS. Let us tell you that RIMS is the largest medical institution of Jharkhand state. Prabhat Khabar’s Chief Reporter Rajeev Pandey talked to RIMS Director Dr. Rajkumar and asked what are his work plans in the coming time and what will he do for the betterment of RIMS.

Question , RIMS is the largest medical institution of the state, on which people have faith, how far do you want to take this institution?

Answer: There are many challenges before RIMS, the super specialty block has to be upgraded. The problems of the oncology center also have to be resolved. Some new buildings are being constructed, some solution will also be found for the girls hostel crisis. Vacant faculty positions also need to be filled. Appointments will be made soon. My friend will take utmost care that the doctors devote their time to the patients, and I will also follow this.

Question , The biggest challenge in RIMS is the availability of doctors on time, apart from this, the issue of private practice among doctors also comes to the fore, how will this be controlled?

Answer: I held a meeting with all the department heads and informed them about my working style. It was made clear to the department heads that if they are not punctual then they will have to face problems. On normal days, I fixed the time to meet the faculty at 3 to 4 in the afternoon.

Know about RIMS Institute

Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) is a medical institute of Ranchi University in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, India. The college is an autonomous body established under an Act of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly and is one of the premier medical colleges in the state and India.

The institute was established in 1960 and was originally called Rajendra Medical College Hospital, named after the first President of India, Rajendra Prasad. The Medical College Hospital came into existence in February 1965. Dr. N.L. Mitra was the first principal of the college. After changing the name of the institute to Dr. K.P. Srivastava was its first director. Currently RIMS is in the headlines for its upgradation. The institute provides essential medicines as well as free medical services to the patients.

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