What are the symptoms of intestinal inflammation? Know what not to eat

What are the symptoms of intestinal inflammation?  Know what not to eat


Intestine swelling: In today’s time, most people are troubled by intestinal problems. If you are repeatedly facing problems like stomach gas, constipation etc. then it means that your intestines may be weak. Actually, the food first goes into the stomach and then reaches the intestines. Along with this, food also affects our liver due to which the effect of food is visible on our entire body. It is said in Ayurveda that inflammation occurs in the intestines when it starts becoming weak. In such a situation, people should take special care of their diet. Let us know the symptoms of swelling in the intestines and what should not be eaten. Let us know from Dr. Vidyapati ji…

What are the symptoms of intestinal inflammation?

If you are wondering how to know that there is swelling in the intestines, then let us tell you that if there is swelling in the intestines, your food will not be digested properly. Along with this, there will always be constipation and loose stools. There will be gas in the stomach, loss of appetite, rapid weight loss, always feeling bloated, feeling tired and weak in the body and pain in the stomach. If anyone is seeing these symptoms then contact the doctor immediately.

avoid eating spicy food

People who have inflammation in their intestines should avoid eating spicy food. Because it can increase your problem even further. Let us tell you that people suffering from serious diseases like ulcerative colitis should avoid eating food rich in spices.

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Avoid eating fast food

If there is swelling in the intestines then avoid eating fast food. Because it can have a bad effect on your intestines. Fast food is difficult to digest, which can further increase intestinal inflammation. Therefore, try to eat only boiled things.

avoid drinking alcohol

If there is swelling in the intestines, stop consuming alcohol. Because this can be very harmful to the digestive system. Drinking alcohol can rapidly increase the problem of inflammation in the intestines and can even cause infection in no time. In such a situation, do not drink alcohol even by mistake.

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