Why did Karni Sena oppose MC Stan’s live show, statement surfaced, case registered

Why did Karni Sena oppose MC Stan’s live show, statement surfaced, case registered

A criminal case was registered on Saturday against Karni Sena activists for creating a ruckus in the live performance of famous rapper MC Stan in Indore. Police gave this information. Eyewitnesses said Karni Sena activists created ruckus during Stan’s performance at a hotel in Lasudia area on Friday night alleging that he was spreading obscenity among the youth by using profanity in his songs.

Outrage seen in fans

According to eyewitnesses, due to the ruckus, the organizers had to stop the open-air event in the middle, due to which there was a lot of resentment among the fans who came to see and hear the rapper, the winner of season 16 of the reality TV show “Bigg Boss”. Eyewitnesses told that the police used mild lathi charge to control the people creating ruckus around the hotel.

Case registered on the complaint of the security guard

RS Dandotia, sub-inspector of Lasudia police station, told PTI that on a complaint by a hotel security guard, Indian Penal Code sections 451 (trespassing on premises to commit an offense punishable with imprisonment), 294 ( An FIR has been registered under sections 506 (intimidation) and other related provisions.

MC Stan had to leave the stage midway

He said that the two named accused in the FIR include local leaders of Karni Sena-Digvijay Singh and Raja Singh, while the other accused are being identified after watching the video footage of the ruckus. Dandotia told that Karni Sena workers are accused of abusing, threatening and breaking flower pots with the people present there after forcibly entering Stan’s program. The sub-inspector told that Stan had to leave the stage in the middle of the program in view of the uproar by the Karni Sena workers.

So Karni Sena will kick them

Some videos of the uproar have also surfaced, in one of which Karni Sena activists are shown climbing the empty stage of MC Steyn’s program and occupying it after his departure. District President of Karni Sena, Anurag Pratap Singh Raghav said, “MC Stan is spreading obscenity among the youth by using profanities in his songs. In view of this, we had already informed the event organisers, hotel management and police-administration that if Stan used indecent language during his presentation in Indore, Karni Sena would kick him.

Karni Sena made these allegations

Raghav alleged that Stan, during his live performance in Indore, used foul language and sang songs containing foul language in front of the young audience. On the other hand, fans of the young rapper are expressing anger on social media about the ruckus of Karni Sena workers in Stan’s program and are questioning his behaviour. Stan’s fans are constantly sharing posts with the message “Public stands with MC Stan” to show solidarity with him.

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