Anupama: Anupama-Shruti will meet with an accident, whom will Anuj save, many big twists are coming.

Anupama: Anupama-Shruti will meet with an accident, whom will Anuj save, many big twists are coming.

These days tremendous twists and turns are coming in Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna starrer Anupama. In today’s episode we saw that Anuj starts crying and questions Anupama as to why she left him and little Anu. Anupama tells that she felt like a burden in his life and only gave him pain. Anuj admitted that he might have shouted at her in anger. However, Anupama says that you have not given me any trouble, it has all been my fault.

Anupama refuses to go back with Anuj

Anuj questions her for leaving everything and angrily says that she should have confessed her feelings to him. Anuj told that there is a fight between a husband and wife and both could have resolved their differences and lived happily, but she left. Anuj tells her that God made them meet after five years and it is clear that she has not forgotten him and he has also not stopped loving her.

Anuj has fallen madly in love with Anupama again.

Anupama says that Anuj should now focus on his future life and forget all the things of the past. Hearing this, Anuj starts crying and says that he cannot stay away. He repeatedly says that Anupama is his love. Hearing this, Anu gets angry and reminds her about Shruti, hoping that she will realize her wrongdoing. Anuj admits that he knows about hurting Shruti, but he cannot betray her for the rest of his life.

Shruti came to know the truth about Anuj and Anupama.

Anupama says this is not possible because Aadhya hates her. Anuj tries to convince her, but she does not want to listen. She tells him that if they come together, Aadhya will get hurt and her life will be affected. Anupama goes but Anuj catches her saree and asks her to stop. Shruti gets a glimpse of them together. Seeing that her fiance is with someone else, she starts crying.

Shruti and Anupama will meet with an accident

Vanraj sees the CCTV footage that Titu has given a gift to Dimpy. He considers that he does not care about Dimpy’s happiness, but he cannot afford to lose Ansh under any circumstances. Mahi and Ishani expressed their desire to learn classical dance. They are disappointed when they learn that Dimpy had met Titu without taking her along. They ask Dimpy to call Titu and she happily agrees. Anupama snatches her saree from Anuj’s hand and goes away. Shruti, Anuj and Anupama start crying bitterly and go their separate ways. Anupama regrets meeting Anuj. Shruti and Anupama are about to meet with an accident, but someone saves them.

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