Dangers of ‘AI’ and ‘Deepfakes’

Dangers of ‘AI’ and ‘Deepfakes’

Speaking to reporters at the annual Diwali get-together at the Bharatiya Janata Party headquarters, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it has become very important to make people aware about the challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially the possibility of misuse of ‘deepfakes’. Is. He said that if left unchecked, ‘deepfakes’ could cause unrest in a diverse society like India. The Prime Minister said that he has recently asked ChatGPT and will also appeal to the media to put ‘disclaimers’ or warnings on ‘deepfake’ videos like cigarette packets that the content given may be harmful. He light-heartedly pointed towards a video clip recently released on social media, in which he was shown performing Garba.

The Prime Minister said that people who love him are also sharing that video with each other. The Prime Minister said that ‘deepfakes’ are a looming threat and have become a bigger threat because a large section of Indians do not have the means to know whether such content is genuine or not. Modi said people consider media as a reliable source of information and trust anything related to it in the same way as a person wearing saffron clothes is respected. It is noteworthy that ‘Deepfake’ video is an artificial synthetic media, where the face of the person present in any photo or video is replaced with that of another person. The Prime Minister said that deepfakes can spread discontent rapidly on social media and can spoil the social fabric even before the government machinery can address the discontent. “We need to educate people about the potential misuse of deepfakes,” he said.

Seeking cooperation from journalists to sensitize society about the dangers posed by ‘AI’ and ‘deepfakes’, the Prime Minister said ‘deepfakes’ technology is a method of manipulating videos, images, audios using powerful computers and education. Is. The Prime Minister said that earlier a film with some controversial comments would come and go, but now it has become a big issue. He said the release of such films also becomes difficult on the grounds that they insult certain sections of the society, even if huge sums of money are spent in making them. Referring to his resolve to make a ‘developed India’ by the year 2047, the Prime Minister said that these are not just words but the ground reality. He said that there comes a time in the life of a nation when it moves towards the peak and this is what is happening with India. He said that ideas related to developed India and economy are going to be at the center of discussion for 25 years.

Considering the diversity of Indian society and India’s progress on the path of development, the anti-India forces, whether abroad or within India, will aim to stop India’s progress, for this they will use AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ‘Deepfakes’. The danger of using it against India is looming today.

Keeping in mind the way ‘Deepfake’ has been used negatively against film actresses in the past, there is a need to take the warning given by Prime Minister Modi seriously, because today the technology being used against actresses is It happened yesterday, it can be used for any woman or girl. ‘Deepfakes’ can also be used to increase tension in political and social areas. So, to avoid this danger, both the society and government level will have to always adopt the policy of ‘stay awake’. On a personal level, instead of sharing such videos further, delete them, this will also be a contribution. The need of the hour is to make people aware by running campaigns at every level to ensure that AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ‘Deepfakes’ are not misused.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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