DVC, which is stuck between Jharkhand and Bengal, made this demand

DVC, which is stuck between Jharkhand and Bengal, made this demand

Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), which is in a tussle between Jharkhand and West Bengal governments, has made a demand. He has demanded a regulator for uniform electricity rates. DVC has said that both the governments of West Bengal and Jharkhand talk about their own interests. There is pressure to fix electricity rates on that basis.

Same rate should be applicable in command area: DVC Chairman said

Damodar Valley Corporation Chairman S Suresh Kumar has said these things. He says that there is a dispute regarding the electricity rate among the consumers living in different states who avail service from the same company. S Suresh Kumar says that we want the same rate to be applicable in our command area. Jharkhand and West Bengal come under our command area. We have sent our proposal in this regard to the Energy Ministry and are waiting for its reply.

CERC decides generation and transmission rates.

Chairman of DVC says that generation and transmission rates are decided by CERC, but distribution tariffs are decided by the State Electricity Regulatory Commissions of West Bengal and Jharkhand. He told that the gap in tariff between these two states is about 50 paise. Consumers of Bengal have to pay 50 paise more.

Industrial consumers have to pay one rupee more

He also said that some industrial consumers of DVC in West Bengal say that they have to pay about Re 1 more. S Suresh Kumar says that he wants the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) to decide the distribution tariff, so that there is no dispute of any kind. There should also be an increase in the company’s revenue.

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There will be no need for any changes in DVC Act: Arup Government

On this subject, DVC member Arup Sarkar said that there is no need for any change in the DVC Act for this, because we are only talking about a flat rate. However, for this both the states will have to approve this proposal. Let us tell you that DVC is a company which is owned by the Central Government as well as the Government of West Bengal and Jharkhand.

Work on 1000 MW pumped storage power plant going on in Panchayat

It is noteworthy that with the help of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company, work on 1000 MW Pumped Storage Power Plant is going on in Panchet. The joint venture agreement will be finalized after the general elections. For this, capital of Rs 7,000 crore will be required. S Suresh Kumar also said that our emphasis is now on green energy, but we are also working towards increasing capacity in thermal power by 4000 to 4500 MW. We are also considering installing solar power on vacant land and in dams and reservoirs.

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DVC has announced investment of Rs 50 thousand crores

DVC Chairman said that the corporation had announced to increase its generating capacity to 14000 MW with an investment of Rs 50 thousand crore in the next 7-8 years. Currently our total production capacity including thermal, hydel and solar energy is 7000 MW. We have to double it.

350 big industrial houses are consumers of DVC

He told that the big consumers of DVC are industrial institutions. Our company supplies electricity to about 350 big industries in the eastern region. He said that now we are trying to identify our shortcomings and remove them.

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