Indian Railways: All passengers will get confirmed tickets, Railways will run 3 thousand new trains, know the government’s mega plan

Indian Railways: All passengers will get confirmed tickets, Railways will run 3 thousand new trains, know the government’s mega plan

Indian Railways: Soon, people traveling in Indian Railways are going to get great convenience. The dream of getting a confirmed ticket for all the passengers traveling in railways is about to come true. Railways is going to run three thousand new trains soon. This information has been given by Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav himself. He told that at present the number of passengers in Railways is around 800 crores. Work is underway on a plan to start three thousand new trains in the next four to five years. With this the number of passengers will increase to around one thousand crore. Along with this, Railways is also working seriously on reducing the travel time. According to media reports, Indian Railways currently has 69 thousand new coaches available. Whereas, as per the current capacity, five thousand new coaches are being made every year. Railways is trying to run 200 to 250 new trains every year. Apart from this, work is also being done to run 400 to 450 Vande Bharat trains. The Railway Minister said that every year about five thousand railway tracks are being laid. More than one thousand flyovers and underpasses have also been approved. This will make the journey easy and comfortable.

Work is being done on a train with 22 coaches

Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said that the Railways is working on making an integrated 22-coach train. Currently, a train is made by joining different coaches. He said that the Railways is working on such a plan that instead of taking out the train coaches from the factories, we will take out the trains directly. The new integrated train has better safety measures and convenience. The Railway Minister said that if we improve the time of increasing and decreasing the speed of trains at turns and stations, then we can save up to 2.20 hours on the Delhi-Kolkata route by using Rajdhani Express. Whereas, the speed of Vande Bharat train is four times better than other mail and express trains. However, it will take time to start Vande Bharat on all routes.

More special trains run during festive season

Rejecting reports of shortage of seats for passengers opting for non-AC coaches, Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav on Thursday said there has been almost three-fold increase in the number of trips of special trains this festival season as compared to last year. Has been done. He said that in view of the huge number of passengers in this festive season, the Railways is operating 6,754 additional trips of trains between October 1 and December 31, whereas this number was 2,614 in the same period last year. The minister said that till now 2,423 trips have been made by trains and the remaining trips will be made in the coming days. While addressing the reporters, Vaishnav said that every year we make a very strong plan for the arrangements of passengers on Diwali and Chhath. We started monitoring the trends in reservations and waiting lists three months before the start of the festival season and decided to arrange additional trips of trains. Railways also takes into consideration last year’s data during the planning process.

Double the number of people traveled compared to last year

Ashwini Vaishnav said that all these factors showed that there will be huge crowd in this festival season and after that we made plans keeping that in mind. According to Vaishnav, 36 lakh people have traveled by trains since the beginning of the festive season and this number is almost double as compared to last year. Vaishnav rejected reports that passengers choosing non-air-conditioned seats were facing problems due to less number of sleeper coaches in trains. He said that ever since the new Link Hoffman Busch (LHB) coaches were introduced in the Railways, the trains have a standard composition of coaches. Vaishnav said that as per the standard structure, a train usually has six to seven sleeper coaches, four general, one or zero AC first class, one or zero pantry, two coaches of AC Tier 2, six coaches of AC Tier 3 coach, one power car. And there is a guard coach. He stressed that there has been no change in the standard coach structure in the train.

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