Narendra Modi is the creator of new India, a warrior and a great servant.

Narendra Modi is the creator of new India, a warrior and a great servant.

The heights and achievements that Narendra Modi has achieved by living a purposeful life are beyond any flight of imagination. Through the meaningful efforts of his life, he has proved that ordinary men are created by the environment, but great men are created by the environment.

As a great warrior of action, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ready to make India a world leader by leaving a mark of political, social, spiritual, strategic and economic strength, this is the spirit of making history. Certainly his vision and direction are the basis of India’s innovation. In the year 2014, he started a meaningful campaign to fight against darkness, obstacles and inefficiencies. He is a symbol of purity in politics, a coordinator of spirituality and science, a skilled politician, an effective administrator and a unique personality. On his 73rd birthday, pleasant and achievement-filled echoes are being heard, in which the nectar of new India and self-reliant India is resonating. We have left an indelible mark of India on the world stage in the recent G-20 summit chaired by India under his leadership. It is because of his charismatic personality and work that a consensus was reached on the manifesto of the G-20 summit held in New Delhi. This is a historic milestone in bridging the global trust deficit and developing trust in the world. Every moment of his life has been revealing new dimensions and new directions, when we saw the scene of laying the foundation stone of the temple of Maryada Purushottam Prabhu Shri Ram, we are seeing India moving towards becoming the third economic power of the world. NDA government completed 9 years under the leadership of Modi. During this period, among his many glorious records and achievements, the two special achievements which touch the heart of every citizen of India the most is the establishment of ‘India’s Iqbal’ in the world. Second – to spread the feeling of ‘India can also do’ within the country. That is, the ‘anything goes’ approach is now in the past.

The heights and achievements that Narendra Modi has achieved by living a purposeful life are beyond any flight of imagination. Through the meaningful efforts of his life, he has proved that ordinary men are created by the environment, but great men are created by the environment. Time and circumstances do not create them, they themselves create time and circumstances. Where ordinary men keep searching for opportunities, great men like Modi carve even insignificant opportunities and make them great with the chisel of their hard work. At the juncture of age when a person thinks of complete rest, national leaders like Modi are busy in renovating, creating new things and inspiring others. The way he tolerates opposition with equanimity and turns it into humor. Narendra Modi is definitely an inspiring page.

Under the effective and miraculous leadership of Narendra Modi, after celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence, we have started tasting the taste of real independence, the blackness of terrorism, casteism, regionalism, separatism has been washed away, political disputes based on religion, language, class, caste and party interests have gone away. But is also being controlled. Establishing the footprints of these innovations, sometimes we hear from Modi’s mouth about toilets in schools and sometimes we see him personally launching the cleanliness campaign with a broom on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. Sometimes Modi makes the national language proud by giving speeches in Hindi on foreign soil and sometimes by blowing the trumpet of “Make in India” he moves towards making the country not only powerful but also self-reliant. By giving shape to new discoveries, efficiency, skill development, protection of intellectual property, indigenous production in the defense sector, creation of the best – these and many such dreams, Modiji is really giving meaningful meaning to democracy and nationalism after a long time.

Narendra Modi is a warrior of action, under his leadership in development and public welfare schemes, the government and the army have demonstrated tremendous bravery by carrying out surgical strikes/air strikes and have shown that India’s defense power is no less than any developed country in the world. India is one of the professional armies in the world in traditional warfare as well as modern warfare. Indian soldiers entering the border of Pakistan and destroying the hideouts of terrorists is a sign of India’s great power and capability. In its second term, the Modi government took the biggest and boldest historic decision regarding Jammu and Kashmir, which has been its priority since the time of Jan Sangh. Along with taking steps to make Article 370 ineffective in Jammu and Kashmir, the work of dividing the state into two was also done during this tenure. After the decision of Modi government, one country, one legislation and one symbol has been implemented in Kashmir. Modi’s development plans, policies, principles and resolutions are reaching the right people with the right results.

Modi was born on 17 September 1950 in a small town of Gujarat. He comes from a ‘Most Backward Class’ family, which is one of the marginalized sections of the society. He grew up in a very poor, but loving family. The early hardships in life not only taught him the value of hard work but also made him aware of the sufferings of the common people. The poverty of the common people inspired him to immerse himself in the service of the people and the nation at a very young age. In his early years he worked with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a nationalist organization dedicated to nation building and later devoted himself to politics, working in the organization of the Bharatiya Janata Party at the national and state levels. .

Despite being a famous and top leader of the world, Narendra Modi is a people’s and grassroots leader and he is dedicated to reaching out to the common people, solving their problems and improving their standard of living. There is nothing more satisfying for him than being among people, sharing happiness with them and removing their sorrows. Not only does he have a strong personal connect with the people at the grassroots level, he also has a strong presence on social media. Beyond politics, Narendra Modi likes to write. He has written many poems and many books. The seeds of revolution for nationalist, social and personal upliftment are found in his thoughts. In the Mann Ki Baat programme, he points out measures for national upliftment, social revolution, changing distorted tendencies based on ostentation and doing remarkable work in society-nation building. He starts his day with yoga. Yoga strengthens her body and mind and creates a sense of peace in her fast-paced routine. He is a nature lover.

Narendra Modi is revered as a world leader, many countries have given him their highest honours. Saudi Arabia’s highest civilian honor ‘King Abdulaziz Sash’, Russia’s top honor ‘The Order of St. Andrew the Apostle’, Palestine’s ‘Grand Collar of the State of Palestine’ honour, Afghanistan’s ‘Amir Amanullah Khan Award’, Has been honored with ‘Zayed Medal’ of UAE and ‘Nishan Izzuddin’ of Maldives. In 2018, Prime Minister Modi was also given the prestigious Seoul Peace Prize for his contribution to peace and development.

After Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, India’s relations with all the countries of the world have deepened and the country has gained respect and international recognition. Modi philosophy says – The man who is united with fearlessness has the courage to live alone. One who lives non-violence establishes friendship with the world. One who thinks in the language of Anekant puts an end to ideological opposition. Their self-confidence gives them new light every day. This effort and dedication makes them learn and understand that it is not just the work of those who sit on the chair that leads to success, the articles appearing on ordinary papers have also been seen becoming the heritage of history. Modi is another name for preparation to live with time before time. There is no Alexander in the world, time is Alexander, hence it is important that we learn to keep pace with time.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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