Narendra Modi’s political policy and diplomacy always guarantee victory

Narendra Modi’s political policy and diplomacy always guarantee victory

The battle for the 2024 general elections is set, only a few weeks are left and the Bharatiya Janata Party and all the opposition parties have also geared up. In both the camps of BJP and India Alliance, there is a round of meetings, meetings and fitting of electoral mathematics every day regarding election strategy, on one hand BJP is preparing to release the first list of candidates after 2 weeks, while on the other On the other hand, India Alliance is going to finalize the seat sharing formula after Makar Sankranti, but BJP itself is aiming at 370 and its alliance is aiming at 400. According to a recent survey by a media house, even though BJP is gaining only one seat compared to 2019, Narendra Modi is certain to become the Prime Minister, but his alliance is seen losing about 17 seats. . It is possible that BJP may be getting similar information through other mediums also, that is why it is determined to achieve the target of 400. Based on the election strategies and confidence of BJP and Modi, it seems that once again it will complete its hat-trick by registering a resounding victory. After this victory, big changes and revolutionary changes will be seen in India. There is no surprise if there is a radical change in political, administrative and democratic systems.

Narendra Modi, his political advisors and the BJP have probably reached such a mode that all the strategic management required by them to win the elections has been done successfully or will be done successfully soon. The weak links that were there have been repaired. In the states where bad scenes are visible, BJP is engaged with full force. BJP has prepared two categories of 164 such seats where 45 ministers have been asked to work with all their might. BJP is putting maximum emphasis on the weak seats because in the 2019 elections, BJP had 48 such seats where victory was expected. The difference was less than 2 percent, if the opposition alliance fields a candidate on these seats then it could be a big challenge for the BJP. BJP is making sharp and effective strategies for such threatened seats. With such strategies, BJP is trying to change the political scenario of the entire nation and make it in its favor. For this, big decisions related to effective and far-reaching politics are being taken. Leaders like Nitish Kumar and Jayant Chaudhary have been snatched from the India alliance. Ashok Chavan of Congress is being sent to Rajya Sabha by joining BJP. Mayawati and Chandrababu Naidu have been barred from going to the opposition. Shiv Sena and NCP have been torn into two. Hindu votes have been influenced by the inauguration of Shri Ram Temple, while the announcement of the highest award ‘Bharat Ratna’ to five political gems has shown the political acumen to influence the general elections.

When such good, skillful and effective political management has been done, then it does not seem impossible for BJP to achieve the target of four hundred. Although the people of the country like Narendra Modi the most as the Prime Minister, BJP continues to be a disciplined and national values-inspired party. It is Modi’s political skill that usually governments open their coffers before elections, but Modi is making a strategy to successfully overcome the electoral dilemma without opening the coffers and making populist announcements. Modi knows that populist schemes or a world of beneficiaries do not automatically translate into votes. Its work has to be done at three levels. At the level of states where it is necessary to continuously strengthen one’s position, at the level of leaders who represent different communities and at the level of communities who have to continuously campaign to connect them with the party. Another level that seems to be influencing the electoral mathematics this time is Modi’s political skills and his determination for the development of the country. Certainly, Modi is the hero of trust and development in Indian politics and on the global stage, he is showing direction to the country and the world by becoming a megastar. The release of eight former Indian sailors lodged in Qatar’s jail and the return of seven of them to their home country is such a good news that the entire country has heaved a sigh of relief. The safe release of these Indians is a great diplomatic victory for India. If credit for this is being given to Prime Minister Modi then it is natural, because he had met the ruler of Qatar in Dubai some time ago. If Modi is there then everything is possible. This is the reason that under his patronage, the color of nationalism in India has deepened and India is on the path of becoming a world leader.

The upcoming Lok Sabha elections will be special. The chances that the opposition parties will be able to do something unique and special in these elections are becoming weaker every day. Rahul Gandhi’s visit is also not making any impact, rather various parties are distancing themselves from the Congress and India alliance. This election is already a declaration of their failure. Here people’s attraction towards Modi continues. The main reason for this is to maintain Modi’s national and international image. Modi has done many miracles, which the people of the country are aware of. Be it bringing back Indians trapped there during the Ukraine war or sending vaccines across the world during Corona, all these are the results of Narendra Modi’s global thinking. There are many reasons for this confidence and determination of Prime Minister Modi. A big reason is that BJP has registered a landslide victory in the recent assembly elections of 2023. Especially the result of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh was beyond imagination.

The possibility of a historic and miraculous victory under the leadership of Modi in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections cannot be ruled out. Because there are many pleasant and achievement-ful echoes of the tenure of the Prime Minister, in which after hoisting the victory flag on the Moon and the Sun, the campaign is going on to make the earth a heaven, to make India the third economic superpower of the world by writing new stories of development in the national life. Is being moved towards. The successful completion of the G-20 summit in India is also a big achievement. Taking up this responsibility under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi meant empowering India as well as giving the world a new thinking, a new economic base, and strengthening the possibilities of peace and co-existence. BJP is also hopeful because the opposition unity which was being talked about since the middle of 2023 is getting cracks in it. All the opposition parties are ready to contest the elections in their own way and they are at loggerheads with the Congress. Then, wherever difficulties could have arisen for the BJP, the party has made itself strong through its continuous efforts. On the other hand, Congress and opposition parties do not have any strong base and issues to oppose BJP and Modi. Every day of Congress is being spent amidst many contradictions. Congress’s countdown is going on. Its countdown will go on for a long time. But one thing is deeply seated in the minds of the people that under the leadership of Modi, everything will change, India will become strong, everything will become good and everything will become the best. This thinking of the public is making the picture of the general elections clear and taking the BJP towards a historic victory.

-Lalit Garg

(The author is a senior journalist and columnist)

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