SpiceJet Layoff: Layoff fire reaches India, 1000 SpiceJet employees laid off

SpiceJet Layoff: Layoff fire reaches India, 1000 SpiceJet employees laid off

SpiceJet Layoff: From the beginning of the year 2024, there is a fire of layoffs all over the world. Now it has started in Indian companies also. Airline company SpiceJet, which is facing financial crisis, has planned to lay off one thousand employees. This information has been given by the company officials. The airline has taken this decision while moving towards reducing costs and streamlining the operations of its shrinking aircraft fleet. One of the officials familiar with the matter said that facing financial crisis, legal battles and other adverse circumstances, the carrier may ask to leave more employees as compared to the number of aircraft currently in service.

9 thousand employees working in the company

The official said that there are about 9,000 employees in the airline. Consideration is being made to reduce the number of employees by 10-15 percent. Retrenchment is necessary to reduce overall costs and annual savings could be up to Rs 100 crore. A 15 percent cut would mean about 1,350 people would lose their jobs. Another official with knowledge of the matter said that there is a possibility of layoffs in all departments and the final list is being prepared. However, no official statement has been issued regarding the layoffs.

23 thousand people were employed

According to Layoffs.fyi, a portal that keeps track of layoffs figures in the world, so far about 85 tech companies have laid off 23,770 employees. Now it is being told that about 400 employees may also be laid off in food delivery company Swiggy. Different reasons have been given by companies for reducing the number of their employees.

The beginning of the year 2024 was inauspicious for the working class.

In the beginning of 2024, software giant Microsoft laid off 1900 employees in its gaming division. Along with this, e-commerce company eBay Inc laid off 9 percent of its total workforce i.e. about one thousand people. Google CEO Sundar Pichai (Google CEO Sundar Pichai) had announced the possibility of a large number of layoffs this year.

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