Tattoo is number 1 in fashion and style, these trendy designs are in demand

Tattoo is number 1 in fashion and style, these trendy designs are in demand

The tradition of getting tattoos has been going on for years but it has turned into a fashion in today’s time. With the changing times, today’s tattoos have also changed a lot. In today’s time, you will find many types of tattoo designs. The craze of tattoos is being seen more and more in today’s youth, whether it is a boy or a girl, it does not matter. In such a situation, if you are also thinking about making tattoos, then today we are going to tell you about the designs of some trendy tattoos which have become everyone’s first choice these days.

Lord Shiva Tattoo: If we talk about boys about getting tattoos done, then in today’s time, Lord Shiva’s tattoos are being liked a lot. Lord Shiva’s belief in boys is also reflected in their tattoos. Boys love to get Shiva and Shiva signs like Trishul, Naam, Om, Rudraksha as well as Shiva Mantra and Mahamrityunjaya Mantra made at Tattoo Studio. Shiva tattoo designs are first choice of boys they like in dark shade and dark ink. Boys percent of boys are making tattoo designs on bishape, talking about girls, girls are more like getting tattoo designs done on ankle and wrist.

Love Notes and Birds Design: Talking about tattoo designs, stars, butterfly, and floral designs have become very old in girls. Apart from all these, girls now prefer to get hearts, birds, scripts, slogans, love notes written and designed. Along with this, girls are also getting inspirational messages designed which are related to their sweet and sour memories.

Shading work has replaced tribal work: Tattoo designer Preeti Verma says that earlier people preferred to get tribal work done, but with the changing times, dark tattoos and shading work tattoos are more in demand. Preeti says that tattoos with dark ink and shades are more popular among boys.

Water Splash Effect: Tattoo designer Preeti says that these days water splash effect design tattoos are trendy, in which the effect of water splash is given along with the design which looks very attractive. In water splash tattoo, dark black ink is used in the design and multi color is used in the splash effect. Talking about the trend among people, it is more hit among girls because of black color design and colorful water splash in colorful ink.

The craze of tattoos has also increased among women: The craze of tattoos is usually seen in the youth, but with the change of time, tattoo design has become the latest trend. Because of which tattooing is now becoming popular among women as well. Tattoo designer Preeti said that the craze for tattoos is now increasing among women in the age group of 40 to 45 years. Women are usually getting small tattoos, husband names as well as religious tattoos and children’s names designed.

Yeh color hai chalan mein: Talking about the color of tattoos among people, black color is all time favorite but dark color is being preferred in boys whereas girls like colorful tattoos more. Talking of shades, red, maroon, green, and blue color inks are in trend on Indian skin tones.

Keep these things in mind before getting tattooed-
Alcohol or caffeine should never be consumed the night before getting a tattoo. Because both these things make our blood thinner. If you do not follow this precaution, then the risk of bleeding during tattooing can be more than before. Drink plenty of water at least a week before getting a tattoo.

Experts believe that during this time at least two liters of water should be drunk daily. Drinking more water not only keeps our skin healthy but also soft. Always have a full meal before going for a tattoo. Due to this, you will remain conscious during the entire session and you will not feel lazy. With this work, you will also get less pain during tattooing.

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