The world of these creatures is bigger than humans

The world of these creatures is bigger than humans


World Aquatic Animal Day: The world of aquatic animals is many times bigger and more developed than us humans. Countless known and unknown species live in the sea. There are some species of aquatic animals, you will be surprised to know about them. In such a situation, we should also take a pledge not to harm their world, because we humans play an important role in polluting the ecosystem of aquatic organisms. Due to plastic pollution, clouds of crisis have started looming over aquatic creatures. On the occasion of World Aquatic Life Day, know about some unique fishes living in the sea.

angler fish with sharp teeth and glowing teeth

There are more than 200 species of angler fish. Most of them live in the depths of the Atlantic and Antarctic oceans, up to a mile from the surface. Some angler fish also live in shallow and tropical environments. These are usually dark brown in color. Their heads are quite large and have large crescent-shaped mouths full of sharp teeth. Some angler fish can be quite large, reaching up to 3.3 feet in length. However, most are small. Their length is often less than one foot. To lure and catch their prey, they use a bright torch-like organ present in the front part of their body. This is the reason why it is also called shining fish.

Unique dwarf lantern shark

It is a species of dog fish shark of the shark family. The special thing is that this is the smallest shark in the world. Its maximum known length is up to 20 cm. It is found only on the upper continental slopes of Colombia and Venezuela at depths of 283–439 m. Usually when people imagine a shark, they imagine a huge shark, but you can hold this shark in one of your hands. Since they live in the depths of the sea, light cannot reach there. They can see even while being so far away from light, because they have an organ that produces light. These also glow in the dark. In this quality it is similar to angler fish.

Parrot like fish is called parrot fish

Another amazing sea creature is the parrot fish. Since the color of this fish is as bright as that of a parrot, that is why it got this name. Along with its unique color, it also has the ability to behave specific. For example, parrot fish keeps creating a bubble around itself while sleeping. Actually, this bubble helps to hide itself from predators and keep parasites away. Some parrot fishes can eat very fast. It can take about 20 bytes per minute. The faster they eat, the stronger their teeth become. You will be surprised to know that their teeth have the ability to cut gold, silver, copper, everything.

thumb-sized Hawaiian bobtail squid

This small creature is only one to two inches long. It is equal to the size of the thumb. These tiny snails are not able to hunt like other marine animals, so they play hide and seek with their prey. To hide, they cover themselves under the sand and wait for their lunch. Usually their diet is small prawns. As far as lifespan is concerned, they can survive only for three months.

Human activity poses a huge threat to marine life

Various types of pollution, such as increased activities in the ocean for oil and gas transportation and blasting for seismic surveys, disrupt the natural sounds within the ocean. Due to this, the mutual contact and communication between sea creatures for food, reproduction and protection from predators gets impaired. Also, due to the plastic and chemical wastes reaching the sea due to us humans, the amount of toxic substances in the water is increasing rapidly, which is becoming a cause of crisis for the marine creatures. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the oceans will decrease by 3-4 percent by the year 2100.

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