Weight Loss Tips: Sara Ali Khan stays fit even after eating Chole Bhature and Pizza, know her diet plan

Weight Loss Tips: Sara Ali Khan stays fit even after eating Chole Bhature and Pizza, know her diet plan

Bollywood’s bubbly actress Sara Ali Khan is also known for her weight loss. His transformation has set an example for many. In just a year and a half, Sara reduced her weight from 96 kg to 40 kg.

Sara Ali Khan, who has worked in many superhit films and belongs to the Nawab family, is not dependent on any identity today. Sara Ali Khan has managed to win the hearts of the audience with her stellar performance on the big screen. In today’s time, Sara Ali Khan gives tough competition to heroines older than her age. But do you know that Sara was not so fit and slim before coming to Bollywood. You will be surprised to know that Sara Ali Khan’s weight was 96 kg before entering the film industry. But Sara Ali Khan surprised people by her amazing transformation in just one and a half years. He had reduced 40 kg weight in a year and a half.

In today’s era, losing weight is very difficult for many people. The major reason for which is also unhealthy lifestyle. But Bollywood diva Sara Ali Khan lost 40 kilos in a year and a half with the help of easy steps. If you also want to get transformation like Sara Ali Khan, then you too can follow her weight loss tips. With the help of her weight loss tips, you too can look slim and attractive just like her.

weight loss resolution

When Sara Ali Khan was doing her college studies in Colombia. During that time his weight was 96 kg. The reason behind this is also that Sara Ali Khan is very fond of food. Often she keeps sharing photos with her favorite food on social media as well. Sara is quite famous on social media for her food love. When Sara returned to India after completing college, her mother Amrita Rao could not recognize her. After this Sara decided to lose her weight. Sara took a resolution that she would talk to mother Amrita Rao on video call only after getting fit.

weight loss diet

Sara Ali Khan has made her love for food public several times. Apart from Delhi’s chole-bhature, pizza, ice cream, chocolate, he likes Mumbai’s pav bhaji and gram flour laddoos. But in order to lose weight, Sara started avoiding eating these things. During weight loss, he started eating salad instead of pizza. Low calorie food was included in Sarah’s diet.

fitness tips

Sara Ali Khan also sweats for hours in the gym to reduce her weight. Apart from this, she also does yoga. He has also started Pilates and strength training to lose weight fast. Although Sara has also made a cheat day in the week to eat her favorite food. In which she fiercely eats her favorite food. Apart from this, she also shares food diaries with the fans.

Disclaimer: The tips in this article are for general information only. Do not consider these tips and information as advice from any doctor or medical professional. In case of symptoms of any disease, do consult a doctor.

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