What diseases can be caused by staying in AC in summer?

What diseases can be caused by staying in AC in summer?

AC Side Effects: Most people use AC during the summer season. The month of April has started. From now on, the effects of extreme heat and heatwave are being seen in different parts of India. In such weather, the body needs coolness after coming from outside. People like to sit under coolers, fans and ACs. Which has a direct impact on our health. Most of the people are like this and stay in AC throughout the summer. Due to which they also have to face many physical problems. Today through this article we will tell you which diseases can be caused by living in AC (air conditioner), so let us know in detail….

body fatigue

Who wouldn’t like to live in AC? During the summer season, people stay in AC everywhere, whether at home or office. However, AC also has bad effects on our health. A research has found that people who stay in AC the most always feel tired as well as weak. Not only this, staying in AC for a long time can cause body pain. Therefore, try not to stay in AC for a long time, it will be good for your health.

dehydration problem

The problem of dehydration is most common in people living in AC. This is a serious disease. Staying in AC for a long time reduces the moisture in our body. Due to which the body starts getting dehydrated and people become victims of dehydration in no time. That is why it is said that at least spend time in AC.

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itching problem

Staying in AC for a long time can also cause itching problem. Yes, actually due to dehydration the skin becomes dry and gradually it turns into itching. In such a situation, try to spend more and more time this summer under the fan instead of staying in AC.

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headache problem

People living in AC may have headache problem. This is because air conditioning makes the environment of the room dry. Due to which the problem of dehydration arises and this leads to a serious problem of headache.

Possibility of respiratory problems

As soon as summer starts, people spend time in AC. In such a situation, spending too much time in AC can also cause respiratory problems. This problem occurs especially in the nose and throat. In this usually the nose gets blocked and the throat becomes dry. Let us tell you that the main component of respiratory is the air of AC i.e. air conditioning which is the driest. Due to this, there is a high possibility of problems like dryness and irritation in the throat.

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