When she didn’t feel like taking care of her child, a mother separated her 3-month-old daughter from herself.

When she didn’t feel like taking care of her child, a mother separated her 3-month-old daughter from herself.


Bizarre News: Children are most important for any parent, people have the most love for their children and they dedicate their entire life towards them. Especially for a mother who gives birth to a child after nine months of suffering, her child is greater than all wealth. In such a situation, can you imagine that a mother can separate her 3 month old innocent daughter from herself just because of her lifestyle, let us know what is the whole matter.

Bizarre News: Father shared the entire matter on social media

The girl’s father, hiding his name, shared his story on Reddit and wrote that because of his wife, he had to take his 3-month-old innocent girl away from himself. Actually, the man wrote that his wife Catherine is very serious about her work and career and hence he decided to give up their 3-month-old daughter for adoption because she was not able to focus on her work. . The girl’s father has also told that his wife used to spend time with the child only as per her wish and even her crying did not have any special effect on him.

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Bizarre News: The girl’s grandmother decided to adopt her.

Posting on Reddit, the girl’s father informed that his wife Catherine’s mother, i.e. the girl’s grandmother, used to often take care of the girl and keeping these things in mind, both of them decided that they would give the girl for adoption. . In such a situation, the girl’s grandmother decided that instead of giving the girl to someone else, it would be better for her to adopt her and take care of her and after talking to the girl’s parents, she adopted her daughter.

Bizarre News: The anger of the users is coming out on social media

At the end of the post, the girl’s father had written that he could live without his daughter but could not live without his wife and after the arrival of the child, the life of both of them was getting worse due to which he kept the child as his own. Took the decision to distance myself from life. After this, social media users have expressed their anger against this couple. Someone said that they are not parents but robots, while someone wrote that because of the fear of all these reasons, they are afraid of having children, many people even wrote bad things about such people.

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