Agitation of villagers continues against mining company in Rajmahal coal project, coal transportation not started

Agitation of villagers continues against mining company in Rajmahal coal project, coal transportation not started

Godda News Today: Rajmahal Coal Project is producing subordinate coal Hurrasi Project Area Hundreds of villagers blocked the road near Dumariya village and obstructed the transportation of coal on Friday. By protesting in the morning, the villagers were protesting against the manager of Mount Carlo, a private company mining coal in Hurrasi, for misleading the youth of the area in the name of employment and not giving them the promised job.

Due to the movement of villagers from Hurrasi area on the second day haulage of coal been interrupted About 4000 tonnes of coal could not be transported in two days. Hundreds of villagers stood near Dumariya Haat despite bad weather. The villagers protesting by jamming the road expressed their anger against the management of Mount Carlo Company, which is doing coal mining work on a private level in Hurrasi.

Mount Carlo Company will not be allowed to run arbitrarily: Bablu Hansda

During this, village head Bablu Hansda, who is leading the villagers, said that the Mount Carlo Company is adopting the British method with the youth of the area. By bringing people from outside, the company is providing facilities and work along with employment. While the local land is working to mislead the donors only by giving false assurances. The company’s management is arbitrarily doing the work of flouting the rules of the government.

The villagers obstructed the transportation of coal for the second day also by blocking the road.

According to the rule, 75 percent of the local people have to be given jobs in the company. But since the beginning, the company is taking work from a large number of people from outside along with youth. Outsiders get jobs and local people go on the brink of starvation, it will never be allowed to continue. The rural management of the area will not tolerate this act.

The villagers demanded that all the unemployed youths of the area should be given jobs in the work of the Hurrasi project. Along with this, work to provide education, health, electricity, drinking water and other basic facilities to the villagers. The villagers said that during the commencement of the Hurrasi project, trees were felled indiscriminately. But this information has not been given to the Forest Management Committee. According to the rules, before cutting the trees, before cutting them with information to the Forest Management Committee, it should have been compensated by planting trees.

Protesters stuck to their demands

During the road jam near Dumariya village, arrangements for food were made for the hundreds of villagers who had arrived. People kept eating khichdi there. And said that the movement will continue until their demands are met. Food will be prepared every day and they will remain adamant on the road.

Transportation of 2000 tonnes was interrupted on the first day of road jam

As soon as coal production starts from the Hurrasi project, about fifteen highways work continuously for four to five trips every day. On the first day, two thousand tonnes of coal could not be transported due to road jam. Due to continuous road jam on Friday, two thousand tonnes of coal could not be transported. ECL sales manager Safford Murmu said that four thousand tonnes of coal could not reach the area in two days.

ECL director reviewed the mining sector

On the other hand, Director Operations of Rajmahal Coal Project ECL Nilandi Rai reached ECL Lalmatia on Friday and inspected. Mr. Rai along with the project officer inspected the coal mining area Basadiha, Taljhari and Launhandia side. Also inspected the Hurrasi project along with the deep mining area of ​​the mining sector. Shri Rai instructed the officials to speed up coal mining. Mr. Rai said that under any circumstances, work on coal mining should be done by keeping the target of zero accidents in the mining area on behalf of the project.

Inspection of newly constructed CHP also

Director Nilandi Rai also inspected the newly constructed CHP during the inspection. He said that CHP construction should be according to the quality. Along with reaching Hurrasi project mining area inspected the rehabilitation and mining work through the map. Mr. Rai also instructed to speed up the construction work for rehabilitation and displacement of the villagers of the area, to make the rehabilitation site as a model rehabilitation site, and to provide all the basic facilities to the land donor at the rehabilitation site.

Meeting with officials at Rajmahal House

Director Shri Rai held a meeting with all the office bearers of the department at Urjanagar Rajmahal Guest House. During this many instructions were given to the office bearers. Mr. Rai gave the message of environmental protection by planting saplings in Rajmahal House. During this, General Manager-in-charge Ramesh Chandra Mahapatra honored Director Mr. Rai by giving bouquets. General Manager Operations PK Nayak, Omprakash Choubey, SK Pradhan, OP Chaudhary, Sanjeev Kumar, Vipin Kumar, Mo Shivli etc were present on the occasion.

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