Argentina on ‘Ujwaya’ path!

Argentina on ‘Ujwaya’ path!

Pudhari Online Desk: In the Argentine presidential election, the well-known forward-thinking leader, Javier Milla, has won the election, CNN has reported. Even before the official announcement, Milley’s rival Sergio Massa accepted his defeat. He greeted everyone over the phone. Today Argentina faces a major economic crisis. The general public is horrified in the midst of greatness. There will be a strong call to make efforts for economic stability in the coming country. (Argentina presidential polls)

Till now he has got only more than 55 percent votes in the presidential election. Milley has been elected president for the next four years, so his main rival is Sergio Massa. Yanchayasmore Asel received a call to improve the economy plagued by rising inflation, economic collapse due to recession and increasing poverty across the country. As soon as the election was over, hundreds of Milli supporters descended on downtown Buenos Aires. Celebrating the joyous festival with rock music, dancing and bursting crackers.

Miley Yanchyasmore calls for economic improvement

Argentina’s presidential sources have received huge praise from Ghetlyananthar. Whether the government central bank will have to be taken over when its safe is empty. Argentina is famous for its debt. Only the youth of the country have shown leadership confidence. They express their confidence that the Tayachaya led government will overcome the huge economic crisis facing the country.

Argentina presidential polls: Ujjaya’s opinion found in the list of China’s opposition

Ujjaya Vichar Sanee Hai is a self-proclaimed practitioner of economics. The country’s government analysts believe that Yanya Vijay’s victory will have far-reaching consequences for Argentina. There may be consequences for the trade in lithium and hydrocarbons. Ujjaya Vicharsanichya Millei has commented on the policies of China and Brazil governments. It is believed that they will not have any dealings with the “communist” government and will strengthen the country’s relations with America. Former US President Donald Trump greeted the meeting and said that free policies will make Argentina a great country once again. Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro said today is a “sorrowful day” for Argentina.

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