China is paying attention to the care of women and infants – Dainik Savera Times

China is paying attention to the care of women and infants – Dainik Savera Times


With the rapid development in China, changes have been seen in every sphere of life. China has made great progress in terms of education, health and living standards. Crores of people have been taken out of the clutches of poverty. Talking about health, the life expectancy of people has increased in every region of China. With this, the standard of living and health of women and children has become much better. Despite this, there are many challenges facing a country with a large population, which the government is continuously trying to overcome.

It is being told that a plan has been released recently. In which the Chinese National Health Commission has emphasized on taking steps to improve the condition of women and children. According to the commission, China has improved the treatment system for women with high-risk pregnancies in recent years. Besides, investigation of congenital birth defects has also been increased. The focus has been on dealing with the increasing number of women becoming mothers at older ages and on quality care of newborns.

Shan Haiping, deputy director of the Maternal and Child Health Department of the Health Commission, recently said that the proportion of women becoming mothers above the age of 35 is defined as older women. Besides, there is also an increase in the number of women who have already given birth to a child, but are going to become mothers again after the age of 35. Because in recent years the Chinese government has relaxed its family planning policy, due to which such a situation is coming to the fore.

According to statistics, while the average marital age of Chinese women was 22 years in the eighties, it has increased to 26.3 years in 2020. This shows that today women are generally giving birth to their first child after the age of 27.2 years.

It is noteworthy that in the year 2021, the Chinese government allowed married couples to have 3 children. According to experts, during this period, there has been a decline in maternal and child mortality rates in China due to continuous improvement in health facilities.

It is said that last year the maternal mortality rate decreased by 11 percent as compared to the year 2020. In this way the death rate has come down to 15.1 out of one lakh. Whereas in the same period, a decline has also been seen in the infant rate, which has come down by 17 percent to 4.5 per 1 thousand live children.

The Health Commission said that greater efforts will be made than before to assess the risk of pregnancy and to classify and manage pregnant women based on their risk level. Along with this, emphasis has been laid on running special treatment schemes for women suffering from dangerous conditions.

(Anil Pandey- China Media Group, Beijing)


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