Chinese agricultural scientists got great success, new variety of paddy prepared

Chinese agricultural scientists got great success, new variety of paddy prepared

Beijing (Uttam Hindu News): In China, new experiments are being done continuously in the field of agriculture and technology is also being used. Which has an important role in providing adequate food to the large population of China, an agricultural country. Here we talk about paddy crop, paddy is grown in large quantities in China. Chinese agricultural scientists keep doing some new research in this regard. A similar research has been done in Changyang province. It is said that an agricultural research team in Hangzhou has created a variety of oil-rich paddy using gene-editing.

It is believed that this has largely increased the oil producing capacity of starch based crops. Apart from paddy, these include maize and potatoes etc. Let us tell you here that despite the lower oil yield per kilogram in paddy compared to regular oil crops like soybean, the per hectare production of paddy is much higher. The difference in production means that a small increase in the oil concentration of such unconventional oil crops can significantly increase oil production on the same plot of land, according to Chang Chien, head of the research team conducted recently in Changlang province. The benefits of which can be seen widely.

Chang Chien and his team at the Chinese National Rice Research Institute have fivefold increased the concentration of fatty compounds, which act as building blocks for all living cells, in a high-yield rice variety widely grown in southern China. Succeeded in increasing it to more than 100,000, which is a major success for Chinese scientists.

The findings of the said researchers were recently published in the science journal Plant Communications. Chang Chien said such research could prove revolutionary in offering rice and other staple food species as alternatives to traditional oil crops like soybean and rapeseed.

He said previous studies focused mainly on how to improve lipid-synthesis efficiency for oil-bearing crops. Despite being rich in oil and protein, soybean production is about 2 metric tons per hectare of land, less than a third of that of starch-rich crops like potatoes and paddy, according to scientists. This research will further increase the possibilities of oil production from paddy in China in the coming time.

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