‘Chirag’ of Bihar politics is the bearer of possibilities

‘Chirag’ of Bihar politics is the bearer of possibilities


Young leader Chirag Paswan, who calls himself Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Hanuman, is in the limelight in Bihar politics these days. The ‘Chirag’ of Bihar’s politics is becoming a carrier of possibilities by rapidly strengthening its political base through political skill and effective strategy. Chirag Paswan is a capable public representative as well as a symbol of original thinking and sensitivities. He has great experience at a young age in making the distinction between relevant and irrelevant by being microscopic and far-sighted and making his presence felt, which is an indicator of auspiciousness for Indian politics. The true representative of democracy is the one who strengthens the country along with strengthening his caste, class and society. Chirag, who is fighting the battle of ‘Bihar First, Bihari First’, is committed to connecting 14 crore Biharis with the mainstream of development.

It will be no surprise if the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024 highlight Chirag’s strong and hopeful political future and lead him to the top leadership of Bihar. Indications of this have started emerging from the political activities of Bihar these days. Recently, Vinod Tawde from the BJP headquarters made public his formula of seat sharing in the NDA alliance of Bihar, in which BJP got 17 seats, JDU got 16 seats and Chirag Paswan led LJP (Ram Vilas) got 5 seats. Whereas the parties of Upendra Kushwaha and Jitan Ram Manjhi were given one seat each. A big picture of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s residence surfaced, in which Nitish is seen in a blessing posture with his hand on Chirag’s shoulder. A similar picture became popular earlier in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also seen patting Chirag’s back.

Big things are often said about the participation of youth in Indian politics from every platform but no party gives them a chance to represent because in their eyes youth are just votes. Political parties keep using them for mobbing and trolling. However, Chirag broke this myth, he had won the Jamui seat by more than 80 thousand votes in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, and in a single parliamentary term, he won the trust of the public to such an extent that in the 2019 elections, Chirag got more than 5 lakh votes. Achieving victory for the second consecutive time. Chirag, who has a charismatic personality, has claimed that NDA will get 40 out of 40 seats in Bihar in the upcoming elections. There is no doubt about this because in 2019 when there were 3 parties in NDA, 39 out of 40 seats were won and this time there are 5 parties and the enthusiasm of the people shows that with 40 seats in Bihar, NDA is achieving the target of 400 seats in the country. Will cross it easily.

Chirag Paswan is an Indian politician and politician of Lok Janshakti Party. He is the son of Ram Vilas Paswan, the top leader of Dalits who won the most votes in Indian politics and the founder of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP). Chirag has created a buzz in highlighting the youth possibilities not only in the politics of Bihar but also in the politics of the entire country. This is the voice that will give a new direction and vision to Indian politics. Because Chirag is the Chanakya of vote politics as well as the policy of social upliftment. By running an NGO in the name of employment, he has made possible the campaign to provide employment to the youth of Bihar on a large scale. ‘Chirag’s employment’ is the result of an original thinking and Chirag is emerging as a leader symbolizing an original thinking in Indian politics and originality is a strength in itself, which is a person’s own creation and he is respected. It happens. The world salutes the one who dares to raise his head above the crowd, who makes his existence known. Originality is as valuable today as it always has been. If a person has an original idea or program, the world moves aside to make way for him and allows him to move forward. The person who invents original ideas and new ways of working is the great creative power of the society and nation, otherwise the world is full of such people who want to follow behind and want someone else to do the thinking. If Chirag has thought something new for the young generation in Indian politics, has thought something original, then success is certain. There is no doubt that with this thinking, he will prove capable of providing successful leadership by moving from state politics to central politics.

LJP is now completely in the hands of the youth. Chirag is young, capable, a strong speaker, a skilled organizer and manager and in the past he has proved his decisiveness along with these abilities on many occasions. It has come to light on many occasions that he has come to understand very well the intricacies and equations of Bihar as well as central politics. However, the biggest challenge before him will be to become the next flag bearer of Dalit politics and gain fatherly acceptance among his target voter group. Chirag is adept at drawing new lines, he will not just be a shadow of his father but will set some new paradigms and create new definitions of politics. Because they are adept at creating an environment of trust and confidence by creating harmony in adverse situations.

Fainting of the young generation and their dreams and creating an atmosphere of despair among them is a big challenge for a strong and powerful nation. Chirag experienced this, it is the result of his positive politics and humanitarian thinking. Chirag is a little different from other satraps or leader’s sons in this matter because his outlook and style appear to be future-oriented and evolutionary. This is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also deeply understood the political possibilities in Chirag. Despite all this, the question remains whether Chirag will be able to give a new dimension to his father’s legacy of Dalit politics. Or he will show his ability in mainstream politics apart from this legacy. Chirag is an expert in understanding the nuances of politics. In understanding the meteorology of politics, Chirag has well sensed Modi’s storm and is not in any doubt. He also has strong acceptance among his voter group. In recent times, many leaders and sons of the new generation in Indian politics have not yet raised much hope. Be it Rahul Gandhi or Tejashwi Yadav, at present their political stars are rising and falling. At the same time, they are failing somewhere in maintaining continuity in their influence. Although Chirag does not have a huge political legacy in comparison to these names, but he has proved his sense of belonging, the ability to do something unique and win the hearts of the people.

– Lalit Garg


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