Dragon Spring Festival celebrated in many countries – Dainik Savera Times

Dragon Spring Festival celebrated in many countries – Dainik Savera Times

In recent times, Chinese residents overseas and people around the world held various Chinese New Year celebrations to experience the joy and festive atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture.

The 2024 Chinese New Year concert was held on February 11 at the Golden Hall in Vienna, the Austrian capital, to celebrate the Chinese Dragon Year. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and China Central Opera House jointly performed works of Western music masters such as Mozart and Strauss, as well as Chinese classics such as “Spring Festival Overture” and “Butterfly Lovers”, which were greatly appreciated by the audience.

The first Chinese New Year celebration was held in the city center square in Vladivostok, Russia on February 10, attracting many citizens to watch. The most popular experience activities were Qigong, tea tasting, kite flying etc.

Chinese communities in Hamburg and the North German region of Germany recently held a Spring Festival party, which included dragon and lion dances, children’s choruses, martial arts demonstrations, etc… The events were mesmerizing and received praise from the audience. .

In addition, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Tunisia, Jordan, France, Japan, South Africa, Luxembourg, Cairo and other countries also celebrated the New Year to spread Chinese culture around the world.

(Credits – China Media Group, Beijing)

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