Even after the ‘bat’ was snatched away, Imran Khan hit a six in Pakistan’s elections!

Even after the ‘bat’ was snatched away, Imran Khan hit a six in Pakistan’s elections!

The whole world is keeping an eye on Pakistan elections. At present, the complete results of the elections have not been revealed but victory is being claimed by both PML-N and PTI. Meanwhile, Imran Khan has given a victory speech on social media platform X, which was prepared with the new technology AI. This is because the PTI chief is currently in jail. Due to his conviction in three cases, he was not seen in the election field. Not only this, work was done to confiscate even his party’s symbol ‘Balla’. Even after this, they did not give up and PTI supporters are seen doing wonders in the elections.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), the party of jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan, showed its mettle in the elections. According to the news given by Pakistan’s leading website Dawn, Imran Khan is currently leading the race. 91 supporters of his party PTI have won. Nawaz Sharif’s party is at second place with 71 seats while Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has captured 53 seats. Meanwhile, after PTI’s refusal to form an alliance with PPP and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), now the question is coming in everyone’s mind that will we see something different in Pakistan’s politics this time?

Heartfelt thanks to the public: Imran Khan

PTI founder Imran Khan has congratulated the people and his party’s candidates for ‘victory’ in the 2024 general elections from inside jail. The former Prime Minister of Pakistan fiercely attacked Nawaz Sharif in an AI-generated statement posted on his official social media platform Account X. He also said that the public has laid the foundation of independence by voting. I congratulate all of you for winning the 2024 elections. He further said that ‘London Plan’ has failed because of people’s vote. Using the new technology AI, the former PM said that he thanked the public wholeheartedly…

Imran used new technology AI in elections

Actually, Imran Khan’s party PTI had entered the elections this time with a special plan. PTI also took the help of new technology AI to attack its opponents in the elections. The party was preparing the voice of Imran Khan using this technology. Somehow, a copy of Imran Khan’s speech was brought out from the jail, which was converted into Imran’s voice with the help of AI. This voice of Imran was broadcasted on big screens in rallies and people were asked to exercise their franchise in favor of PTI. The party claims that this is the first time that AI voice generation is being used for political purposes in Pakistan.

Voting took place only on 266 out of 336 seats.

Let us discuss here that Pakistan has a bicameral parliamentary system, in which most of the members of the National Assembly are elected by the people. There are a total of 336 seats in the National Assembly, out of which people exercise their franchise for 266 seats. There are 60 seats for women and 10 seats for non-Muslims.

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