I am a Hindu

I am a Hindu

Indian-origin Vivek Ramaswami, who is running for the Republican Party’s presidential post in America, has said that ‘I am a Hindu and my faith has led me to this presidential campaign. I believe there is a God in the world. They have sent us all here for some purpose or the other. Ramaswamy, who came to attend an event in Iowa during the presidential election campaign in America, further said, ‘I grew up in a traditional home. My parents taught me that family is the foundation. Respect your parents. Marriage is a very sacred relationship. It is very wrong to insult him. He said that we can never choose divorce as our priority. We get married before God. Swear an oath to him and his family. During the election campaign in America, Ramaswamy further said – ‘My faith in God teaches me that we all have a duty and it is very important to recognize it. We are all equal because God resides within everyone. This is also the foundation of my faith.

England’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also takes pride in calling himself a Hindu, but the sad thing is that in India, where more than 80 percent Hindus live, those who call themselves Hindu are called communal, why so? Because those who came to power after independence, while adopting the policy of ‘divide and rule’ of the British government, divided the Hindu society on the basis of caste, region and language and in the name of secularism, they suppressed those who believed in Hindu religion. And minorities were given priority and protection in every field.

Along with the word Hindu, Hindu sentiments were also played with. Whereas the truth is that today in India, followers of all the religions of the world are living with respect and they all have got all the rights according to the Indian Constitution, which the majority Hindu society has got, then the credit for this goes to Hindu religion. Only those who have faith in Me go. Wherever in the world there are 80 percent or more than 50 percent people who believe in Christianity or Islam, then that country has been declared a Christian or Islamic country and what is the status of minorities there, be it Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh or This can be understood from the condition of minorities living in Arab countries.

Before Ramaswamy and Sunak, Swami Vivekananda had said that ‘Say with pride that we are Hindus’, according to Vivekananda ‘We believe in one God, who is the Father of us all, who is omnipresent, omnipotent, who They protect and guide their children with immense love. Like Christians, we believe in a personal God—but we go further than that. We believe that we are He – ‘So’ham’, His personality is expressed in us, He is in us and we are in Him. We believe that there is a seed of truth in all religions and that is why the Hindu worships all; Because truth in this world does not lie in rejection, but in acceptance. We will offer flowers of all the beautiful flowers of different sects to God. We will worship God only for the sake of devotion, not with the hope of reward. We have to do our duty, for the sake of duty, and not for the hope of reward. We have to worship the beautiful, for the sake of the beautiful, and not with the hope of reward. In this way, when our heart becomes pure, then we will see God in that pure heart.

The above thoughts of Swami Vivekananda are enough to understand the Hindu religion and the Hindus who believe in it. Wherever Hindus are in the world today, they are getting respect only because of their thoughts and efforts. The positive thinking and generosity of Hindus is getting respect outside, whereas in India the Hindu lifestyle is being targeted. A particular section of society is considering it their right to play with their beliefs and sentiments. Hindus settled in foreign countries are proud of being Hindus, then how can it be communal to say ‘I am a Hindu’ in independent India? Today, there is a need for the intellectuals and saints of Hindu society to think and act on this matter.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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