If you want to build a gym-like body at home, then use Dumbbell Barbell Set, you will get adjustable weight and full body workout – know about dumbbell barbell set for complete and perfect workout at home

If you want to build a gym-like body at home, then use Dumbbell Barbell Set, you will get adjustable weight and full body workout – know about dumbbell barbell set for complete and perfect workout at home


If you can’t go to the gym, Dumbbell Barbell Set You can do complete exercise at home. Using them, apart from chest, biceps, back and triceps, it also helps a lot in shoulder workout. They can also be used like squats by holding them like weights. Adjustable dumbbells and barbell rods coming in different weights are available here.

In these Best Workout Set, a set of multiple plates is available, which you can apply according to the need. Here you are also getting curls and barbell rods. With their help, you can get a gym-like shapely and strong body at home.

BULLAR 40 Kg Home Gym Combo Set

It is suitable for doing gym at home 40 kg Home Gym Combo Set Is. In this you are getting 5 feet straight barbell rod and 3 feet curl barbell rod. Two dumbbell rods are also given in these. With their help, you get better upper body exercise. GET THIS

  • Available in a set of 40 kg
  • Dumbbell, Barbell Rod Available
  • Best for working out at home

For the lower body, you can do squats by lifting them like weights. Here you are getting 4-4 ​​plates weighing 2, 3 and 4 kg.

HASHTAG FITNESS 20 kg PVC Weights Combo

This is a great home work out set suitable for beginners. In this you get adjustable Dumbbell And Barbell Rods meets. Plates with different weight options are available in this set. GET THIS

  • PVC plates will be available
  • 20KG set
  • Adjustable Weight Option

The weight can be reduced or increased by setting them according to the need. 3 feet curl and 5 feet straight barbell rod are available here.

IRIS Fitness 7 in 1 Multifunctional Gym Workout Kit

This is a complete workout gym kit being liked by the people. In this you are getting freeweight dumbbell set, barbell set and kettlebell. It also comes with a push up starter kit. GET THIS

  • adjustable length rod
  • Kettlebell also available
  • got a good rating

With its help, you can easily do most weight training exercises at home. Barbell can be made by adjusting this dumbbell rod.

OtG ON THE GO Adjustable Steel Dumbbell and Barbell Kit

There is a Steel Dumbbell And Barbell Kit that comes in a weight of 20 kg. It has been well liked by the people and has also got top ratings. Here you are getting adjustable rod. Barbell rods can be made by connecting them through nuts. GET THIS

  • getting convertible road
  • 20 kilos is the reason
  • Barbell will be made by adding these dumbbell rods

Alloy steel has been used to make them. This dumbbell barbell set is the best option for working out at home and also adjusts in less space.

FITSY® Adjustable Dumbbell Set

This is a chrome plated iron dumbbell kit made of iron. It is coming in 15 kg and is a best option for beginners. In this, you are getting Extension Barbell Rod, which can be adjusted according to the need. GET THIS

  • getting extension barbell rod
  • You will get complete upper body workout from them
  • Available with chrome plating

You can use them for biceps, triceps, back and chest workouts. Shoulder exercises can also be done with them.

Dumbbell Barbell Set Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are adjustable dumbbells called?
    Actually, adjustable dumbbell is called that dumbbell set, in which you can make its stomach more or less by lying down. In this, you get more options as compared to dumbbell sit.
  2. Which exercises can be performed with Barbell Rod?
    Barbell Rod is used for squats, bench press and overhead press. Some people even use barbell rods for deadlift training.
  3. What is the starting price of Dumbbell Barbell Set?
    You can get this best quality dumbbell and barbell set starting at Rs.799 only. In high quality, their range is up to thousands of rupees.

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