Khalistanists boycott Air India flights

Khalistanists boycott Air India flights

Mohali; circle organization: Khalistanist Sheikh for Justice (SFJ) terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, who is included in the Indian government’s hitlist, has declared Khalistan Zindabad outside Mohali’s Chandigarh airport. Pannu released another video and announced boycott of Air India flights from Sunday.

SFJLA is entering Amritsar-Ahmedabad-Delhi airport, this is the threat given to Pannu. Video: Pannu says that to protect the interest of the Sikh nation, do not travel by Air India flight from Sunday. Because of this, future generations of scholars will be in danger. A few days ago, Pannu would have released a video asking not to travel on Air India flights from Sunday, otherwise your life could be in trouble. Pannu would have threatened to close Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. It would have been said that 19th November is the day when the final match of the Cricket World Cup will take place.

Shikhanwar atrocities by India

In the video, Pannu says that India has committed atrocities on Shikhanwar. After separation of Punjab from India, we will keep the boats of Delhi Airport under the boats of Badloon Biant Singh and Satwant Singh. Biant Singh and Satwant Singh were the bodyguards of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. He would have shot and killed Indira Gandhi on her 31st October.

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