Man raped with more than 100 dead bodies, made videos and kept folders in the house

Man raped with more than 100 dead bodies, made videos and kept folders in the house

New Delhi (Best Hindu News): A big case has come to light in Britain, which you will be surprised to know. Let me tell you, a man in Britain has raped more than 100 dead bodies. These bodies were kept in the mortuary of the hospital. The person told that due to lack of CCTV in the mortuary, he used to carry out this incident, not only this, the person used to make videos of the dead bodies while raping them. The person had made a folder with the name of some, there was a video in it. The man worked as an electrician in a UK hospital and his name is David Fuller.

David Fuller, 68, is serving a life sentence for the murder and sexual assault of two young women. In November last year, he confessed to sexually abusing the bodies of 23 more women. He admitted that during the 13 years he committed these misdeeds. In this case, he has been sentenced to four years. Earlier, he has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for sexual assault with 78 dead bodies.

In the year 2020, when the police reached his house to investigate a murder case unsolved for more than 30 years, what he found there surprised them. After reaching here, the police found evidence of David’s crimes, the police came to know that he used to sexually assault the dead bodies of girls and he also had photos and videos of this heinous crime. He had made a folder in the name of many victims. In fact, in the year 2020, the police arrested Fuller in connection with the murder of two girls at two places in Britain. Apart from this, he had another folder named ‘Best Ever’.

David revealed to the investigation team that he had sexually assaulted the dead bodies of 101 women from 2007 to 2020. David had been working as an electrician in the hospital since 1989. According to the police, until he was caught, he did this cruelty with the dead bodies.

David used to sneak into the mortuary of the hospital in the absence of the staff and then do dirty things with the dead bodies. He did more than once with the dead bodies of girls and women.

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