Newsroom | Pakistan will be divided into four parts, the neighboring country is bankrupt! People of Pakistan reacted to the statement of Defense Minister Khawaja Asif

Newsroom |  Pakistan will be divided into four parts, the neighboring country is bankrupt!  People of Pakistan reacted to the statement of Defense Minister Khawaja Asif


The current economic situation of India’s neighboring country Pakistan is not good at this time. A World Bank report on Wednesday (April 3, 2024) said that one crore people could be trapped in the cycle of poverty. The World Bank expressed this concern when the country’s GDP is 1.8 percent, inflation is 26 percent and people in many parts of the country are in need of every small thing.

Pakistan’s Defense Minister Khawaja Asif has admitted that his country has already defaulted and is bankrupt. At an event in Sialkot, the minister blamed everyone including the establishment, bureaucracy and politicians for the current economic crisis in Pakistan. The Express Tribune newspaper quoted him as saying, “You must have heard that Pakistan is going bankrupt or defaulting or meltdown. This (default) has already happened. We are living in a bankrupt country.”

According to Pakistan Defense Minister Khawaja Asif, Pakistan is already bankrupt

Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Finance Minister Ishaq Dar are trying to get an immediate lifeline of at least $1.1 billion from the $6.5 billion bailout deal signed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 2019. The deal has missed its deadline and is stuck with Pakistan working on certain pre-conditions set by the IMF. The Defense Minister said the solution to Pakistan’s problems “lies within the country” and the solution does not lie with the IMF. The IMF funding is crucial for the $350 billion economy, which is facing a balance of payments crisis with a persistent decline in foreign exchange reserves. After several weeks of decline, in the week ending February 10, foreign exchange reserves with the State Bank of Pakistan increased slightly, but it is enough to cover about 10-15 days of imports.

What did the public say on the statement of Defense Minister Khawaja Asif?

Earlier, the statement of Pakistan Minister Khawaja Asif had come, in which it was claimed that Pakistan has gone bankrupt. This is the reason why discussions started taking place in Pakistan from streets to social media that if the situation continues like this then Pakistan may get divided into four parts in the near future. Local YouTuber Soheb Chaudhary wanted to know the mood of the people on this issue.

‘Those running Pakistan have looted this country’

When Soheb Chaudhary asked mimicry artist Haji Scalen about the Pakistani minister’s statement, the reply (in the style of Bollywood actor Amrish Puri) came – Wow brother, this is fine. That is true. The people who are running this country have looted it. This country seems to be divided into four parts. Anyone who can handle this should run away from here.

Will Pakistan break into four parts?

Soheb Choudhary asked a person on the minister’s statement – Soheb Chaudhary said that the situation in Pakistan is such that Pakistan is fighting with itself. There is war going on in many parts of Pakistan. If the situation does not improve, Pakistan will break into 4 parts.

People will have to flee Pakistan?

The actor said in Shah Rukh style, “We have to run away from Pakistan!”

When he was further asked what should the people of Pakistan do in this situation? In the style of superstar Shahrukh Khan, the mimicry artist said- We have to run! Oh, the situation in this country couldn’t be better than this. Khawaja Asif is not mad and he has said the right thing. How would you believe this, should he give up his life?

Who is Soheb Chaudhary?

Sohaib Chaudhary is a Pakistani YouTuber. Apart from this he describes himself as a social worker. He has a channel named Real Entertainment TV on the American video sharing platform YouTube, where he uploads videos related to social issues, social experiments and current affairs.

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