Order to remove names of wife, children of doctor who helped CIA in locating Osama from the list

Order to remove names of wife, children of doctor who helped CIA in locating Osama from the list

A Pakistani court has included the names of the wife and children of Dr. Shakeel Afridi, jailed since 2011, in the ‘Exit Control List’ for helping the US intelligence agency CIA in locating the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden in Abbottabad city. ‘ Has been ordered to be removed from. ‘Exit Control List’ is a list which contains the names of people who are banned from leaving Pakistan for various legal reasons. A single-member bench of the Peshawar High Court passed the order on Thursday on a writ petition filed by Afridi’s wife Imrana Shakeel. Petitioner’s lawyer Arif Jan Afridi informed the court that his client has been arrested on charges of spying for the US and has been sentenced to 23 years’ imprisonment by various courts of Pakistan.

The lawyer said that the names of (Dr Afridi’s) wife and children have been put in this list by the government and hence they cannot go anywhere. The lawyer said, “No crime has been proven against my client Imrana Shakeel. Nor has he been arrested yet. The names of Imrana Shakeel and her children have been placed in the list only on the basis of some reports.” The Deputy Attorney General told the court that their names have been placed in the ECL on the report of security agencies and said that since, at present, the country There is a caretaker government in India, so they do not have the power to remove names from the list. In his judgment, Justice Abdul Shakur said that security agencies have no right to put any name in this list.

He said, “How can his name be kept in this list when he has not committed any crime? (Therefore) it is illegal to put his name in it.” Afridi was the top doctor in the Khyber tribal district and as head of health services he oversaw several US-funded vaccination programs. He is accused of running a fake vaccination campaign in the Pakistani cantonment city of Abbottabad to help the CIA in capturing Osama. Osama was killed in a covert US operation on May 2, 2011. The doctor was arrested from Peshawar the same year. He was sentenced to 33 years in prison on multiple charges for anti-national activities. Later, his sentence period was reduced to 23 years. Initially, he was accused of conducting a fake vaccination campaign for the CIA to detect the presence of Osama.

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