Power struggle in Pakistan: Imran Khan’s supporting candidate and anti-Bakawar Basnar?

Power struggle in Pakistan: Imran Khan’s supporting candidate and anti-Bakawar Basnar?

Pudhari Online Desk: The results of elections for Pakistan National Parliament and Provincial Assemblies have been declared. The state of power struggle continues to be tense between whichever party gets the absolute majority. Imran Khan’s supporting opposition candidates have fielded 93 Jagan Singh Aghadi. To establish power, Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PMLN) with 75 Jaga Jinkle or Nawaz Sharif’s party and Samadhan Manavya Lagalya or Bilawal Bhutto with 54 Jagawar Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have started discussions to establish Aghadi government to save the country from political instability. Tehreek-e-Insaf President Gauhar Ali Khan has made it clear that the supporters of Imran Khan’s party and the opposition’s opposition to the candidate have made preparations for the election.

Will Imran Khan’s side play the opposing role?

Amcha party has majority. It is not just that he deserves respect. It would have been necessary to give invitation for establishment of Amhala government. 70 seats in the National Parliament have been removed, there are promises that the Election Commission should investigate, our party is demanding that the Government is not ready to be established. Gauhar Ali Khan came out clearly in an interview with the opposing side, Mahnoon Bhoomika Bajvu. It is also clear that under any circumstances the party will not ally with Nawaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto or the Left parties.

Sharif-Bhutto Sarsawale to get support for Apakhsha

It has been announced that opposition candidate Nawaz Sharif’s party will join the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PMLN). Whether Imran Khan or Pakshala has decided to bring such a large number of people to power, he is either questioning or declaring his candidacy. The parties of Nawaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto are trying to defeat the opposition candidates. Till now, the victorious candidate of PTI supported by Imran Khan party in Lahore along with Wasim Qadir party and the newly elected candidate have joined the PMLN. Wasim Qadir, speaking in the middle, said.

Sharif-Bhutto’s political cooperation is unanimous in principle

Pakistan Muslim League (N) and Pakistan Peoples Party agreed in principle on the issue of state cooperation. In the meeting, there was a detailed discussion on the overall situation in the country and future government cooperation. The leaders agreed to cooperate politically. The country will achieve political stability, Nawaz Sharif’s side has made a request.

Sharifanshi discussion of ‘MQM’ in Karachi

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Paksanehi Yandachaya performed well in the elections in Karachi. Ya Pakshaya 17 candidate’s victory is over. The parties have discussed with Nawaz Sharif to establish power. The decision of either party will be important in deciding the future of the next government in Pakistan. 169 numbers are required to prove majority in the Pakistan National Assembly.

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